Kimber kable 8tc or 12tc warm?


i am searching for a warm speaker cable with rich mid and heavy wheight in bass and mid bass.

What do you think about the kimber tc?

Actually my system need to be warmed.

My system:

dynaudio contour s5.4 speaker
moon power amp
marantz ss preamp
moon dac
classé cd transport

all cable (ac and interconnect) are jps labs exept speaker cable are bis audio maestro(dry bass and neutral tone)

thank you
You have a nice system....cables cable can warm a system...Cardas, Purist Audio and Transparent are other choices for you. But your room (via room treatments) and speaker placement maybe a another thing to try...along with AC conditioning...

JPS labs is pretty good...not familiar with bis audio...I suspect speaker placement and room treatments might be a better option...if you haven't done this right not...(sorry just not sure given the info above)

hope this helps...good luck
IME, the VS is a bit warmer than the TC. The TC is a bit more analytical.
Try TC4, just the ticket.
I love the Kimber 12TC use it in many of my systems as well as that of clients

Good Listening

driving Maggies I found the 8TC to be a bit light weight, nice tone but lacking fullness

that was just one system and not yours...

Kimber is great, but neither too bright nor too warm. Cardas is warmer.
"a warm speaker cable with rich mid and heavy weight in bass and mid bass" -- 8TC is not that, and neither is 12TC. They're both very clean and neutral, though.

I think you would like Acoustic Zen Satori or Audience AU24.
Agree with Loftarasa.Kimber is not a warm cable.Cardas might do it for you,it's very warm.You will lose some detail though.
I had Kimber 8TC and replaced it with Tellurium Q Black, it was an improvement. Then I needed much longer cables and bought River Cable. It was much better than either of the previous cables, bigger, and less expensive. I would encourage you to look them up. I bought a used PS Audio Premiere Power Plant and now consider that a fundamental and necessary component. I have spent a lot of time on placement and that has yielded improvements beyond my expectations! Eventually you will want to consider everything, but playing with the room itself is free and can really matter.
After a year of cable shoot outs I can't say enough about the Tara Labs RSC Prime 800 speaker cables I recently installed. Tremendous bass weight and control with no lack of mid and high end detail.

They replaced a pair of van den Hul D-352 Hybrids which were very warm but a little laid back for my speakers.

I think I'm done with the chase.
I don't want to high jack this thread from Mr. Thenis Though, this thread has answered a question I was going to pose about the two series of Kimber Kable.

However, I would like TO ask "FINGERPAWS" if he has The River Cable Flexgny 8 or the less expensive 6. The one review claims they are great cables but a bit distant in their presentation. Not necessarily a virtue if you play a lot of "classic" rock like I do. However, musicality and transparency are most important to me

Also, to "JAMBALAYA" What do you like about the Tara Labs RSC Prime 800M speaker cable. Other responders claim it is warm sounding. How so?? It is also much more expensive than Kimber or River cable Thanks, Jim
Regarding the Tara Labs RSC Prime 800 that have found a home in my system....warm to me means solid but not bloated bass and mid bass response. Midrange that can reproduce vocals just as well as piano with no particular emphasis on either. With these cables I'm getting superlative high end and percussion without any ringing or harshness.
MIT Matrix 23, which were more than 2.5x the price slightly edged these out in timbre of mids and highs but not by much, not much at all. The Tara's walk all over the MIT's with even bass and mid bass support.

It may be just a case of me trying so many, I've finally found a good match with my system. Funny what drew me back to the Tara Labs was an old pair of Space and Time I bought off auction and included in a shoot out with MIT, Shunyata, Audience AU24, Alpha Core Goertz. I never really forgot how good they sounded so I went back for some newer Taras. Not sure how old they were but basically using some of their current thinking about rectangular wire, though the casing has gotten much better.

One of my better decisions along with my speakers and amp.
A great cable ,and if found used even better the Analysis plus
Solo Crystal 8 Loudspeaker cable. This is a AWG -8 gauge wire
Using AP oval tube and weave. This Loudspeaker cable has Outstanding Bass! big soundstage, Deep fleshed out midrange and open defined top end ,use a very good fast interconnect, AP New In-connect, is a great value
Revelation Audio Labs, or Darwin's new Ascention Plus ,all very good
And can be bought for under$700 that will go toe to toe with anything
2x their cost.
Try oval 9-never found more bass from a cable. With their crystal oval interconnect you cant go wrong. Cardas is warm but smears the images-ditto for Purist. They are slow cables. 
Since you are using a good SS amp, just beware of the fact that higher capacitance speaker cables like Kimber and especially some Cardas product can sometimes drive the amp into oscillation and can cause it to fail.

An acquaintance blew two very good SS amps with a pair of Cardas speaker cables, both amps in the $8 - $10k price range.

Naim warns of this issue on their Web site

If you want cables that are full bodied, try KLEI gZero6.

They work exceptionally well with my Naim