Kimber Kable 4PR v Transparent MusicLink

I am considering replacing my long but well-used and loved Kimber Kable 4PR bi-wired speaker cable (17 years old)with Transparent MusicLink/Wave speaker cable. The Kimber Kable works great but will I really need to know if the nearly $1,000 cost for the Transparent MusicWave speaker cable (8 feet, bi-wired) is worth it--I did listen to both at my local audio store and certainly noticed a wider soundstage from the Transparent but overall I thought the Kimber 4PR were fine. But apparently I am losing information not able to be transmitted by the Kimber that the Transparent picks up. I am using AMC tube Amp (2030) and preamp (1030) and listen primarily to classical and opera. Any advice would be appreciated as I am definitely in a quandary as to whether I should spend nearly $1,000 or stick with my Kimber 4PR.

I'd STRONGLY recommend that you borrow cables form the cable company before shelling out $1K It maybe that going with say Kimber 8tc or 12tc sounds even better than the Transparent. I have a feeling that Transparent maybe your local stores go to cable and that other brands might well out perform it in your system. And frankly what worked in a store on their gear in their room has zero bearing on what will sound good in your system. Not to be rude here but you'd be a fool to buy any cables without hearing them in your system first.