Kimber Illuminations Orchid

Hey guys;

This digital cable was supposed to be one of the top a few years ago. How does it stack up today? Those of you who loved it and switched, Why did you switch? And what did you get more of?
IMHO, still the best.
I 2nd Brf. None better!
it is a great Cable... but some what on the warm side... I still have mine. From what I understand, it was used in the professional industry for its very focused and narrow sweet spot... perfect for pros with near-field monitor for mixing... I really like mine for that reason... I also have a Tara Labs Air digital cable... it's not as focused, but it throws a really wide sound stage.
Why don't you call John Pharo at The Cable Company and talk to him?

I believe that Chris S. is the designer of the Illimuniations, and he now owns Stereovox.

John Pharo can help you if this is the case and Chris has a newer cable, or if John thinks that you might check out other cables from the library and audition them.

Still using mine for a decade now - there is none other for me.
Thanks guys. I still love mine as well, but I have not been listening to the newer wires either.