Kimber Hero vs MIT AVT1 interconnects

sounds like they are both good deal, but which is better?

If you have to choose between the two, which would you choose for your system and why?

I'm currently using Alpha-Core Sapphire Silver, it's pretty good but sound like a bit too bright for my system.
I also need to save some cable cost, too 'cause I need cable for 5 channels including center and rears.
I have Kimber Heros, 5 meter length. I am sensitive to brightness in a system and I run the Kimbers from my Aragon Stage One to Outlaw Audio M200s to Dynauadio 70s. No interference even though I have a mass of cables and a long run. No brightness or dullness, just clean sound. I just bought Blue Jean Cable interconnect for a separate system and have yet to swap and find out if there is a difference. I am happy with the Kimbers and have had them for 3 years, which is 21 in audio years!
I also run Heros. Not to punchey in the base but shining mids in this cable. Them MIT will have more bass punch but less resulateon in the highs. Really depends on which cable matches your system and your taste.

For cheap I also like the blue jeans cables :)