Kimber hero, Select 1011, 1016 vs. JPS Superconduc

I have a 12 foot interconnect run from pre to power amp; currently using Kimber PBJ and this is the weakest link in my system now that speakers have been properly positioned. Looking to swap these out for Kimber Hero, Kimber Select 1011 or 1016, or JPS Labs Superconductor Q. I have seen mixed reviews on the Hero, but little commentary on the Select's or JPS. If you have experience with them would appreciate the input. I am looking for a cable that is transparent and detailed, but slightly on the warm side of neutral. Pre is a CJ Premier 14 connected to a Levinson ML 331.
I went from 1011 to WyWires. Just as good (or better?) clarity but with better (truer) tonality, especially with sound of cymbals and piano key strikes, and cleaner top end. WyWires have no grit, where I found the 1011 to be slightly sharp-edged and steely in upper and upper-mids. Once the top end was free from this edginess I no longer considered looking for a cable on the warm side of neutral. Better quality neutrality was the answer for me.
I second Rockadanny with wywires, currently using 2 runs and have used both 1011 and 1016.

The Kimber Selects are on the warm side, especially the 1016, very smooth,with smooth top end but at high volume levels got a little screetchy....the Wywires are a tranparent view through a clean window with absolutely no grain. Give em a shot!
I would avoid the selects these days I have them and have had bad quality and had to send several sets back. The regular stuff is good but the higher end stuff there is much better bang for the buck with better quality and workmanship.