Kimber from Monster First sound thin Now awesome

I made a major jump in price from my beloved Monster M4.4 Biwire cables to the Very costly Kimber Bifocal XL.

My first impression was that I lost a lot of bass with the kimbers. The kimbers did immediately seem to have a much clearer sound like a veil was removed, I also noticed a much deeper and wider soundstage. After time It seems that the bass reappeared but in a much more controlled and tighter fashion. They were used when I purchased them but they seem to have "broken in. The cables make my system "tubes that rock" sound better than ever.

I am still skeptical about such expensive cables sounding better but I have been listening for about 25 hours and really think they made a major difference. I cant understand why when I first hooked them up they sounded like I had lost all the bass. I triple checked my research with Led Zepplins In my time of dying at 50 and there is no bass missing the system rocks!
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I have a question about this stored charge issue. If a cable doesn't store to transmit charge though it's die-electric, why do cable risers have any effect?
If you'll bother to look at the site I posted: You might note that National Semiconductor listed some simple tests that you can perform to verify that dielectrics DO INDEED store energy. It's not a matter of "buying" anything, but rather accepting facts. Based on the responses received so very often in these threads: I don't really expect some to either accept scientific fact, OR do any experiments(such as those mentioned above) on their own. It's much more comfortable(for some) to remain in the dark, than to admit one's misconceptions. There are those in these threads that remain open enough to accept new ideas, try new things and learn(like Weiserb). I've been an experimenter/tweeker most of my life, and with them I can relate. YES- Cable, interconnect or chassis resonances/movements do indeed affect signal transmission and a system's sound. That coupled with dielectric absorption, capacitive coupling to "Earth Ground", static electricity, and dielectric interference with carpeting(all possibilities- not necessarily present in every audio chain) are all reasons that cable risers can affect reproduction in a resolving system(believe it or not!).
I just swapped Canare and Zu for PBJ and I'm speechless...who knew IC's could resubstantiate your whole system....well, I guess most of you did, but I didn't!