Kimber D60 vs Wireworld Gold Starlight 7

Does anyone have any experiences with either of these Digital Cables? Looking for some opinions please.
I have a D60 on the way right now from the Lending Library at the Cable Co. but that won’t help in your comparison. I can tell you my thoughts on the Kimber in about 10days.
i have been trying different cables between my Bluesound Node 2 and Chord Cutest. So far I have been most impressed with the Black Cat Silverstar 75.

OP is there any reason you point to just these two cables and no others?
Good Point, It seems as though the D60 is the standard but critics have said it can be too bright. The wireworld seems to be on the warmer side and matches the price-point. I certainly am open to others. Presently I have an older Ultralink so I'm researching an upgrade. Presently running that from a Marantz CD6006 (soon to be replaced) to my Krell Digital Vanguard. Also looking for some good speaker cables to replace my 15ft Taralabs RSC Primes. 
I have just removed the D60 from my system and will be sending it along with the Black Cat back to the lending library tomorrow. After trying a number of cables, I will order the D60. The only cable that would be a preference was the Synergistic Research (sorry model escapes me) but it was 1200.00 and the D60 should be around 350.00. The D60 wasn’t as bright at the Kimber AGDL and was better on ambiance and bass definition and delivery. The SynResearch had more bass but seemed to dull the highs a bit, which I think reduced brightness, but then some detail was lost as well. So bang for buck in my setup, the Kimber seems to be the solution or at least puts an end to searching.

i would be curious to your finding with the Wireworld.
I was going to try the D60 next. Haven’t heard the Wireworld but I loaned out the Shunyata Delta and I am very impressed with the detail and dynamics. I knew nothing of this company and now am seriously considering the Delta and Delta NR power cord. You should check it out too.
I had not considered the Shunyata product for the digital cable. I probably should try one but I just ordered the D60. I have been looking at the Denali power conditioners and will probably go that way, but as with all things audio, budget is the final say.
I found the Delta Digital very revealing and will compare it to the D60 when I get it so I'll let you know. I really loved the Delta NR power cord and will most likely purchase it. You are so so right about budget. I'm trying to control myself. I find these little tweaks really do make a difference though.

Yes, the tweaks along the way can add or detract. But like a chain, each link is a contributing source to the overal strength of the chain.