Kimber D-60 question.

I have two Kimber D-60 cables. One has 'Illuminati' (without D-60) written on it and the other has 'Iluminations D-60' on it. The connectors on the 'Illuminations D-60' cable look smaller than those in the photos of the newest D-60 on Kimber's website. The 'Illuminati' cable has bigger RCA connectors similar to those in the photos. Which one of mine is the newer model? What are the differences, if any? I only need one and will probably sell the other along with an extra .5 meter Silver Streak that I'm not using.

Thanks for any input.
I owned both, I am certain the one with the smaller RCA's is the newer version I called Kimber on that. Both sound the same. I kept the newer version with the smaller non-tapered RCA's for resale value which unfotunately came in to play recently.

Good luck
From what I understand, same sound, but cosmetic changes.

Happy Listening.
Thanks for the replies.

Any advantage in the larger, tapered RCAs for the long term?
The connectors on the older D-60 looks a lot more higher class and weight a lot more than the newer smaller one.

However, the larger connectors may be a problem in tight spot if you are using it at the back of your AV processor. It may block the rca jacks besides the one you are using.

I will keep the old one myself.