Kimber cable owners Is my cable 8TC or 4TC ??

I have a 4'3" pair of bi-wire Kimber speaker cables and dark blue...which I plan to sell.

On the amp end they have 8 black and 8 red wires each going to one spade each.

One the speaker end each cable splits into 2 pairs of black and blue with 4 wires each.

I plan to sell this pair of it 8TC...or 4TC?
If you meant they have eight blue and eight black wires at the amp end, you have internally biwired 8TC.
8TC has a total of 16 wires (8 black and 8 blue) and 4TC has a total of 8 wires (4 black and 4 blue). Rockvirgo is right, (by your description) you have the 8TC.