Kimber Cable Monocle XL Speaker Wire?

Has Anyone auditioned these cables? What are your impressions in term of tonality, neutrality and detail?
I formerly used the Bifocal XL's to good effect. However, after comparing them to others I found them to be rather warm and dark, nice detail, definitely not tonally neutral.
I have a pair in my second system and like them a lot. They are not up to the standards of some of the more expensive cords but do great in their price range. Others I have compared them to are Nordost Blue Heaven, Audience, and MIT.......... I liked the Monocle best.

Hi, Which cables you compared with Bifocal XL?
Sirlee, I compared bifocals to Cardas Golden Cross, Golden Ref., Nirvana, MIT, Goertz MI-2, Alon Black Orpheus, Synergistic Resolution Ref and Designer Ref. , Ridgestreet Poiema. I prefer the Synergistics.
How did the bass compare between the BiFocal XL and the Resolution Ref?
Actually, cable will sound different in each system you try it with, so the only way to tell what works for you is to try it in YOUR system.
I use the Kimber Bi Focal XL speaker cables in my system. They are ``natural`` sounding. The tone and detail of the cable sounds like live music with no colorations like some cables. Details are there but not harsh sounding....very well...neutral or natural. Best way to try these cables or others is in your own system.

happy listening
Hasse, in my system the bass from the Bifocal was warmer, in fact it created some bass boom. The Synergistics also have nice extension and fullness into the bass, just a little tighter and more articulate.