Kimber BiFocal XL - Any good? Thoughs?

Would appreciate any honest feedback on these bi-wired speaker cables. I am considering them with my Aerial 10t's. Anything better than these at the same price?
Compare Bifocal XL's with Kimber Select 3033 -- I did & went for the 3033's.
What´s the sonic difference between the BiFocal XL and the
Select 3033? I´m currently using a double run of AudioTruth
Argent with my DNA-1 dlx/ Magnepan 3.6 combo. Any thoughts
on how they compare to the Select line? Any input would be highly appreciated.
'Don't think I can really capture the difference between the BiFocal's and KS 3033's in a verbal description without resorting to audio cliches that may not have a lot of meaning, especially recognizing that these things are system dependent, too, but generally speaking I found the 3033's to be a notch up in all respects. IMHO, the best thing to do would be to listen & compare in one's own system. (btw, I also use & like the KS 1020 interconnects -- and this is not an ad!)
I don't know if this will be helpful, bot here goes. I used double runs of Kimber 8 TC (for the sub woofer) and 4 TC for the mids and highs. The Kimber BI-Focal XL was an improvement. The Kimber Select 3033 was better, however I prefer the Silver Audio Symphony 48, which I am currently using.
I use the Monocle two runs (my speakers are biamped)
The Kimbers outperformed the JPS labs superconductor plus and the Dunlavy Audio speaker cables that I auditioned also.....I did not audition the KS3033......perhaps some day I will.
I brought my Kimbers to a friends house to go against his heavy guage flatwire cable.....he bought a set after auditioning them. Definitely worth listening to.
I tried the BiFOcal XL For about one week. I compared it with Cardas Golden Croos...Th Golden Cross smoked it. Th Kimber is "thin" with poor soudstage width and depth. The audioquest Clear SE is better than the Kimber as well.The Kimber looks impressive (almost 2 inches thick!!!) but that's about IT.
i tried the bi focal xl on monoliths it didnt sound that good until i ran all the wires all together instead of bi wired. now i love it go figure?