Kimber Banana Termination???

I just purchased about 8 pair of Kimber banana which comes with heatshrink cover and wonder solder to terminate my 8TC cables. As a newbie here, I need to know the right way to terminate the cables using the specified kimber banana. Do I have to crimp it or where should I solder the bananas? Can I use hairdryer instead of heatgun for the heatshrink cover? Please Advise.
Shakmal, I just purchased the same bananas ( I think ) for surround speakers and have yet to install them. I believe you can crimp the half moon at back side to help hold wires stationary for soldering then fill that large rear hole with solder. If the wire extends far enough into connector then try to solder through the small holes towards the front as well. As for shrink wrap, I've found that quick passes with a cigarette lighter works great.
Thnx Mthieme for your kind advise. This DIY stuff is not as easy as I think. Will try to use as little solder as possible.
THNX U Again