Kimber, Audioquest, Wireworld

I have made a significant change in my system by going to an integrated amplifier, the Luxman 550 A II. The rest of my system consists of the Harbeth M30 speakers, the Wavelength Audio Cosecant V3 Dac and a 2010 Mac Mini as a transport. Since I only need one pair of interconnects, I would like to move up the food chain from my existing Wireworld Eclipse 6 ic's. Here are the interconnects that I am considering:

Kimber 1036
Audioquest Sky
Wireworld Gold Eclipse 6

Does anyone have any experience with these cables in a system that is comparable to mine. Thanks
My speaker cables are the Kimber 8TC's
Sky/Everest...wonderful stuff.
Just curious I just got my pair of eclipse 6 ,s and love them...unveiling my system like no other change I've ever done...are you happy with them
I have 2 pairs of Kimber 1036 in my system. They sound great, but tend to smooth the sound a little bit. If this is what you want, you can go with them happily. If your system is already over smooth, they might be just too much of a good thing.