Kimber 8TC with Energy Connoisseur C-9s?

I'm looking to find a quality speaker cable to connect to my Energy Connoisseur C-9s. They are NOT bi-wireable, and have 3 6.5" woofers... I've read that the Kimber 8TCs don't do well with the "low end" spectrum. I will be hooking them up to an Integra DTR 5.4 HT receiver. They'll be 6' in length. Are these cables a good choice, or am I wasting my $$$?
Go with 8tc,just order double run.It will outperform cables ten times the price.I have Kimber Bifocal XL,Straightwire Crescendo and 8Tc.It gives those cables a run for their money.Has very good bass,just order double run.
Not really sure what the "low end" spectrum means. 8TC is one of my favorite cables and I've used in with a number of systems with very good results. You may find that 4TC works pretty well for your short length also. I have no issues at all using 4TC for shorter runs, you can save some cash and even add another run in the future if you decide. I'd try the 4TC first.
I would recommend you consider the VS series over the TC series. IMO, they don't have as much detail on the top-end which might benefit bright spks. and electronics. The VS are a much better buy and sound warmer/more musical to my ears. OR, just buy some Cardas. In my system, the Cardas Quadlink 5c's replaced 8TC's. Good luck!
I disagree that 8TC's sound lightweight - they don't add any bloom so it depends on your equipment. They have plenty of low end when used in my system - Classe to Thiel 3.6. In fact, I tried a double run because I had a brain fart and took advice from a stereophile reviewer and the bass became boomy and the HF detail and air went missing. Try before dropping more money than might be necessary...