Kimber 8tc w/ Mark Levinson 23.5 and Revel F52

Anyone care to submit their thoughts on above combination ?

Rest of systems is Classe six pre, basis Debut, Classe DAC, Parasound belt drive transport, Symposium Isis rack, Transparent reference and ultra cables.

What else would you suggest or have experience with ?

I have not heard the combination but it seems the 8TC would be the weak link
Since you are using Transparent interconnects, I recommend that you use Transparent speaker cables to take advantage of the synergy when using the same cables throughout the system. Just my 2 centavos.
The 8TC's will get the job done nicely. They don't put a hole in your wallet and allow you to enjoy the music. I understand they require 200 - 500 hours of burn in. Or so I've read. Mine are near the 80 hour mark and they sound good. I'll wait till I get 300 hours on them before I "really" judge them. Until that time, I'm okay (i.e. satisfied) with the job they're doing.
A great tweek for 8tc, get some clear tubing from home depot , or some round poly foam insulation and put in the middle of the braid, the 8tc will open up quite a bit and you can snake the tubing right down the middle of the cable, this is what kimber does in the more expensive cables in their line, it makes the braid angle more of a 90 angle, which lowers inductance, and it is an audble inprovment, good luck.
Chrissain (all),

Thanks for the info. What diameter tube is good ? 3/4" ?, 1" etc.

(I already own the 8tc so I'd like to use it for now.
Transparent Ultra or reference maybe in the future.)

3/4 would work great, remember that as you open the braid up you will lose some length, but not alot. I have done this tweak many times with great results. If you hold the cable in both hands and push the braid closer together you will see that it opens up quite a bit, and the cross angles change to being more of a cross angle, this is good, and is what kimber does for all their more costly cables, they use carbon anti static sorbathane, but good luck finding that. you can take it a step further and fill the tube with pure silica sand for vibration controll, and get some nice jacket from parts connexion or tweak geek to finish them off, happy listening, chris
Thanks to all. I'll be using these until I switch over to something in the Transparent line.

I own the F52 and have a Pass X250 amp.

I originally had the TC8 and then did the tube mod on it and still thought it was holding back my system.

On a whim I went to radio shack and bought the Mega cable 50 feet for $25 and made 4 equal lengths. It was an Eye opening experience. The speakers opened up, it was like taking the veil off. I have since tried other cables and went back to the Radio shack, the best money I ever spent and the best sound I ever had in my room. These speakers are very underrated
Your looking good,no need to change out unless your addicted like most of us,cheers,Bob
I will agree about revel f52s being underrated , they are fantastic when set up right, to my ear way better than many more expensive speakers, happy listening !!!