Kimber 8tc vs. audioquest cv6 with dbs

Looking at upgrading from audioquest gr 8 to one of the above used with b&w signature 805s. Any opinions on the two?


I've run both of these and while decent, have settled very firmly on the best from LAT International. They smoked my Analysis Plus Oval 9s and cost much less. Solid, detailed and very open. Best price from in Portland, OR. These are a steal.
I like Kimber 8TC very much but it is a little weak in the bass. By weak bass I mean less bass output, not the quality which was fine IMO. Real nice tone in the midrange though. Of course this was in a limited number of setups etc.

I prefer Alpha Core Goertz MI2 Veracity as a bargain cable, just beautiful midrange with a very natural quality and nice balance.