Kimber 8TC or NBS King/Serpent speaker cables

I'm running a Krell 400 integrated and Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grands. I very recently bought both new and didn't get speaker cables at the time. I've been using junk spearker cable for a month since I made the purchase. I'm looking at the Kimber 8TC or a used pair of NBS King/Serpent v2.

I hear a lot of good things about the specific 8tc Kimber Kable and although I can't find much feedback on the NBS cables I know they were really expensive when they were new (8' 1600.00?)(on sale now for 400.00)and just because they're a few years old I assume they haven't worn out. They're in good condition I just don't know anything about the brand except that they're sort of exclusive and generally everything they make is really expensive.
Please keep in mind that my price range is around 400.00
Thanks for any feedback.
I recently bought the 8TC and am very happy with it - I have Klipsch Cornwall II's, by the way.
8TC is where it's at.
You cannot compare those 2 brands. NBS plays in an entirely different league. So go for the NBS.
Ndfan, save yourself some serious money and try Kimber 8TC before shelling out big bucks for speaker cable. You might be surprised, alot of people are.
NBS has several basic designs with distinctively different sounds. The King Serpent group tends to be warmer, a bit relaxed and not as analytical as the other group. I like these speaker cables a lot.

NBS cables are extremely stiff. With the King Serpent, the part that connects to the amp and the speaker (the leads near the spade lugs) are stiff and brittle and should not be bent sharply. The cable should also not be bent repeatedly for the same reason (the conductor inside will break). This happens quite a bit with dealer demo models from constant removal and reinstallation. You should make any necessary inquiry about the condition of these parts of the cable.

If you want your Krell to comunicate with your speakers, make up some solidcore copper (min. 12-13 awg) and give them some massage to open up. biwire if posible.
The Kimber 8TC has been a very popular cable for some time now. That's because they are a very transparent cable that works well with a wide variety of systems. It won't add or subtract anything from your system or music. Lots of folks look for cables to use as tone controls. 8TC just won't cut it for them. If you own good recordings and your system is well balanced, transparent, open, and images well: The 8TC WILL do you justice.
Kimber 4 or 8TC are like London smog if you ask me. And so you should ;)
I love cheap giant killers. 8TC is a no-brainer.
Palerider and Ryder's posts above are absolute opposite ends of the opinion spectrum re the Kimber Kable 8TC speaker cables, which is what keeps this hobby so disconcerting. One guy calls it London Smog and the other calls it a Giant Killer. For what it is worth, I just got the 8TC and it removed all traces of smog from my system. Sounds now coming out of my Magnepan 20Rs unlike any that I have ever heard before. Transients, attack and decay of notes etc to absolutely die for. Go figure...??
Tried many different cables over the years, long, short, all flavors and price points and the 8TC just lets the music flow - period. I have really expensive gear and the 8TC is as good as it it will ever get, whatever the $$$$ you might want to spend IMHO. Anything else is just a tone control, changing system synergy or tonal flavor. Only caveat is to get pro termination that are oxygen free connectors.