Kimber 8TC or Alphacore Goertz MI2 Veracity?

My current set-up: MF XRAY, MF X-P100, MF X-AS100, MF X-A200 and B&W CDM9NT. all the poweramps are currently monoblocked and are running on PureSilverSound ICs and QED Silver Anniversaries. The sound tends to be bass shy and leans towards the bright side. I am thinking about Kimber / Alphacore in place of the QED (i know its crap, dun remind me!) to cure the problem. Anybody has any experiences between the 2? many thanx.
The Goertz MI-2 sounds fuller, warmer, more "romantic" and has a "creamier" midrange to it. Out of the two that you mentioned, i would not hesitate to say that the Goertz would be a better choice of the two going by the information that you provided. Use the zobel networks whether you think that you need them or not. Sean
I dont know the others but I own the 8tc cables and they are great ! I have a great source for Kimber at a very good price email me for his info if you like.
Just to let you know and clarify where i'm coming from, i have one system with Goertz in it and another with Kimber 8TC and 4 TC in it. Both are good cables for the money but have different sonic characteristics. I only recommended the Goertz based on the information that you provided. Sean
Like everything else in audio, system matching is essential. I'm a firm beleiver that given the right synergy, everything would sound great. Having said this, I agree with the people who have recommended the Goertz BASED on your sytem and your system's sonic qualities. The other person who is recommending the 8tc based simply on HIS equipment really is a weak recommendation. I've had them both and like I said previously, both are great-sounding cables GIVEN the right mix of equipment. Recommending components on absolute attributes is quite difficult unless they are ultra neutral-sounding. I'd go with the Goertz for your set up. Another good-sounding cable you might check out is the Audioquest Midnight (older model but would still hold its own) or Crystal. Both these have a "warmer" tonality with excellent transparency and very good bottom end.....Good luck!
Thank you guys. Well chuffed with the responses. I am actually leaned towards the Alphacores as they offer better value (in terms of price) as well. I will take your advice and opt for the Alphacores. The Musical Fidelities needs some warming up definitely. i was thinking of adding a REL Strata III for a fuller sound as well. Anyways thank you for helping me make up my mind. ;) cheers.

thanx for your offer, but its Alphacore which gets my vote.
appreciated your responses.


How long have you had the QED cables? One thing to take into consideration is that silver cables take a heck of a long time to break in. Silver cables sounds bright in a system for about 100 hours or more. When the have a while to break in, the brightness subsides a bit. Peronsal preference is important of course, but you should break them in if you havent already. I think this has something ot do with oxidation, but im no specialist in any sense of the word. :)