Kimber 8tc or Alpha Goertz MI 3

I currently have a pair of Thiel cs2.4's that are connected with Kimber 8tc's. I've been doing some research about which cables are best and have found that the Goertz MI 3 divinities are a good match to the speakers. With respect to brightness which one of the cables would be less bright in your opinions?
I know from many auditions that Thiels are bright. Both Kimber and Goertz's models you cited have get reputations;however, I have heard neither one, but considered the Goertz Veracity model

You might want to check out Audio Art speaker cable. I am currently using their SC-5, but might step up to the more expensive SC special edition. Also Morrow Audio offers a variety of speaker cables which are very good value. There Reference SP-4; SP-5. should be very compatible with your speakers. Mike is running a sale on used cables that you might want to check out. There is an additional 30%(I believe) discount over the used prices. If you want "new", he offers both a 30 day trial period, or upgrade policy.I am also considering my options and have made no final decisions......... Good luck!!
Hey Last_lemming, I've had the 8TC, MI3 and 12TC all on demo.

In my system, I found the 8TC to be most tilted up, the MI3 somewhat in the middle, and the 12TC the most neutral. YMMV cause of amp/speakers/room/taste, obviously.

I wouldn't pick the 8TC if you want to avoid brightness at all costs. Equally, I wouldn't have described the MI3 as a warm cable, neither.

Perhaps you should look into Cardas.