Kimber 8TC - help with termination

I just received some bulk Kimber Kable 8TC and I am not certain how to "braid" the black and blue strands. Do you just twist the 8 strands of black and 8 strands of blue together? Any suggestions?
That's exactly how you do it.

Exactly. If you want to set up biwire, I suggest using 3 wires for the treble and 5 of them for bass. They work very well this way. Good luck.
I used to work for a Kimber dealer and have some experience with doing this. 8TC is a little more complicated than the others but basically the same. You will want to carefully unwind the ends and spread the conductors apart. The aim is to have just enough length to be able to seperate the postive (blue) and negative (black) and be able to selectively reaggregate them to their respective bundles, ideally without having either side with a stray strand over the other.
As for once the ends are separated, yes just twist the two bundles. you do not 'braid' the wires ar the ends. (once the plus and minus are separated, braiding has no known benefits, aside from appearance. most just twist the bundles up to the connectors.
(I HAVE 8TC in my stereo and surround systems)
I have the same problem. I have a 10ft run of 8TC but don't know if its better to run them straight w/o biwiring or whether I should do as Timrhu states and do a 3-high, 5-low bi-wire....

I'm running them from a pair of MFA monoblocks to a pair of biwirable Snell Bs.

Thanks for any advice,

There's a good picture of properly terminated 8TC here.
bi-wire works best when different cables are used for the run...not making the one wire work for both upper and lower connections. If interested go to for an explanation.