Kimber 8TC Burn In Time?

How are they out of the box...and how many hours should I expect before they really open up and reveal themselves? Thanks for the input....
Chad,I have heard 20 hours to settle in and 100 or so to fully break-in. Some feel these cables never fully break-in or so I have read. Overall very good for the $.
I owned Kimber 8TC bi-wire cables for many years, and found that any "break-in" had occurred within the first 20-25 hours of use. Ditto for the 4TC.
They just keep getting better and better as time goes by. Sort of like a path in the forest, but in this case used by electrons. BTW are you waisting any sleep over this?
No...I was waiting on the arrival of these cables and was looking for a benchmark number in regard to break in time. They have arrived and I am VERY pleased out of the box.. currently have about 10 hours on them. Thanks to all for the info.....