Kimber 4TC vs 8TC

I recently demoed the Kimber 8VS vs the 8TC from the Cable Company. I could definately hear a difference and prefer the 8TC.
However. I am looking at a very short run 4-5 ft between my amp and speakers so wondering if I went with the 4 TC vs the 8TC would i really be missing out or be able to hear a big difference.

I could say the there is a definite improvement/return on investment between the VS and TC series. However, I am wondering if the 4 TC/8TC is worth the additional $130-$140 investment for my set up.

Once agan i am looking at 4-5 ft. in length.

My setup is:

Musical Fidelity M5si into Dynaudio X34s. Although the dynaudios are floorstanding, they are very small and compact.

Let me know your thoughts as I don't want to overspend unless i get a serious ROI with the 8TC. As the 8 TC will cost about $130 more than the 4 TC. 
I use 8TC for my Bryston 4B-SST² to Magnepan 20.7 connection. With cheap spades at the amp, and WBT bananas at the speaker ends. I could not tell you there would be a large enough difference to be worth the cost in your system as it is now. I CAN say that I have used the 8TC for many years, with zero desire to upgrade. But if I had bought the 4TC, I am sure I would have upgraded them.                        
So my suggestion for thought is: The 8TC will last you many years.. Maybe even through component changes. They are well thought of and highly recommended. So consider the future proof quality of the 8TC, vs the short term gain of buying the cheaper 4TC?              
On the other hand, you may decide Kimber is blah soon enough chasing some other speaker cable. Then yeah buy the 4TC.   
One last thought is the 8TC will most likely offer slightly better bass than the 4TC. If that is any consideration.
Thanks for your feedback Elizabeth 
Elizabeth is spot on!  8TC can and should outlast many component upgrades.  All time great cable.  
One nice tweak to the 8TC is to ’puff it open*’ and then insert a one inch thick cotton rope inside the woven tube, Then pull the weave back down over the rope. The openess and changed angles of the weave.. has the result in the wires of the opened up woven cable improving the sound a bit.
This puffing can be done with no inner core, but the results can be difficult to accomplish evenly, and the cable may be easily crushed and damaged with a missstep!!! (the solution is to pull it back down to the original shape, then redo the puff, a complicated process)
The rope also makes the cable nearly impossible to damage if stepped on. (I have had the rope tweak for years and have stepped on my speaker cables many times!)
* to puff 8TC or VS you just push together the weave, it will ’pop’ open, do this along the cable, it WILL BE UNEVEN, that is not a problem if you plan to add the rope. (The rope I used I also trimmed the ends to a taper and wrapped the ends a bit with Teflon plumbers tape to keep it from unraveling as I fiddled with getting it into the cable.To tighten the cable back up, simply pull on it, best twisting a little back and forth to really get the wires right down flat on the rope. One thing this activity is TOUGH ON HANDS as the Teflon of the cable is very hard, and it will cause friction burns and blisters on your hands if you go at it too aggressively. (gloves may help)
Even an already terminated 8C can have this done. Jut at the point the cable is split, you can temporarily enlarge a spot to the side between the wires, to get the rope in, And when you pull it tight, the spot will go back to normal (with a bit of assistance)
Hi honey, whatcha doin?
Puffing my speaker cable. 
I have 8TC and 12TC speaker cables. The 8TC is very good. Call Kimber Kable and ask them as to which one you should buy. 
I don't know your gear but for me, 4TC sounded better than 8TC, which was not at all worth the extra.
I don’t I don’t think your equipment is gonna let you hear any difference on midfi gear 
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Given the short runs, i would think there would be little difference. The extra $$$ could be spent elsewhere.
In two different systems, 8TC sounded better than 4TC.  Music had more flesh on the bone, bass in particular.  FWIW, 8TC has approx. half the resistance and inductance for a given length.  Definitely worth the price difference.