kimber 4tc shotgun, or kimber 8tc single?

Is the wire gauge bigger shotguning a single Kimber 4tc speaker cable, compared to a 2 x 9 awg kimber 8tc? also what sounds better? thnks
only do the 4tc shotgun if your biwiring otherwise 8tc single run will sound better and you will not have a great big mess
ive used lots of kimber, in different ways, and i think the 8tc is awesome, plus it will look cleaner, and less mag interference.. i really noticed a diff from the 8vs to the 8tc, it was palpable... if it means though that you need a jumper to connect the bi wire, then i would almost say shotgun 2 runs of the 8tc.. have fun
4TC = 13awg x 2 wire shotgun = 2.63mm2 x 2 = 5.26mm2 cross sectional area. 8TC = 9 awg = 6.63mm2 cross sectional area. The 8TC is higher gauge and more tidy.
Just auditioned the 8TC. They are very tinny having a displeasingly thin, metallic sound. I'm going back to the 8VS.