Kimber 4tc good enough?

I'm currently using a single run of kimber 4tc to drive my persona 7f speakers with a hegel h360. While the dealer I bought the speakers from suggest wires don't matter I notice the stuff he uses is bigger than a garden hose and a product the shop doesn't even carry. Would bi wiring with a second pair of 4tc wires instead of the jumpers matter? 
Can the 4tc choke the speakers of watts?
This doesn't sound like a great combination.  Did the dealer sell you the Kimber?  Or is it left over from a previous iteration of your system?  What are you trying to achieve?  I would expect that triple combo to be on the forward/tilted up side of neutral.  There are many threads about single versus bi-wiring and about different brands of SC.  Your observation of what the dealer himself is using is pretty telling, I would say.
I bought the 4tc over 30 years ago. I don't have the cable the dealer used in the demo I just find it cutious that he would say 'cables don't matter' while himself use some apparently serious stuff.

When I bought a pair of salon 2's(used) I had lightweight bass and some suggestions were to biwire or replace the 4tc completely with heavier gauge. I would like to know if a biwire run of 4tc would provide the speakers with more watts/current than the single run I use now?
I bought a  4TC for bi-wring , it is just two 7 feet 4tc 's cables coming to gotogether at the bananna .   Those 8 pieces of cable  will bring a lot more .
And it sounds very good  running into a Quad  S5 which is a speaker that needs some juice.  150W Belles is the amp.
Wire was bought from Audio Advisor .
I’ll take that as a yes. It appears kimber changed the line some so I’ll be buying used to get the same blue/black I use now.
try some 8TC, if it doesn't sound better, should be easy to sell for what you paid...maybe the dealer was afraid if you were told you needed more expensive wire, you might not buy the speakers...clearly the dealer likes the bigger stuff...
how long is your speaker wire run?
Mr. steve 59

Your Hegel H360 has a DF of >4000! for 7ft length, you need 16 times (in parallel) #0 AWG cable. Not very likely you do it. but you may...
Any way rather than look for some branded #12 AWG or less thick cable, do yourself a favor and gear up to the thicker you can get. For 4x 0 AWG, you may use a connecting bloc and at the end, a short #8 AWG that would fit most banana plugs or spades.
By ignoring this, you will use only a small friction of your Amp’s capabilities to drive a speaker at perfection. So do the math, a #12 AWG cable is about to use only 1/288 or 0.34% of what you invested in your gear!
That's umm, how do you find the math for that? I will start with a heavy guage for the bass and keep the 4tc for top octaves bi wiring.
One option is to run 8TC for the bass and 4TC for the midrange/tweeter. Bass drivers (woofers) are current-hungry and the larger gauge 8TC works better.
These Kimber SCs exhibit high or very high capacitance, which cannot be recommended.
Try Canare 4S11 single, not bi-wire and get a ft. or two extra and make your own jumpers. Use to own 4 and 8TC and I find it’s a little grainy and forward sounding. You’ll find the Canare is more relaxed or natural with a better stage. Canare takes a lot of hours to burn in so give it time. Can be purchased off Amazon among many places and it’s very affordable. Search here and other places to learn more. It’s a great cable and I feel walks all over the Kimber. You’ll have to spend a lot more to do better.
The Canare 4S11 is a great inexpensive cable. ~$1.50/ft.
ill look into canare wire also. Thanks for replys. Merry Christmas.
The Canare may be very good, just as the Honda Civic is very good.  
Never owned a Honda Civic, or ever driven one... but I’ll take your word on that.
I don't have a problem with the 4tc blue/black so i'll just find an old pair of 8tc to biwire the bass. easy solution.
For the bass, 8VS or PR will do just fine too. Probably just another pair of 4TC will be more than sufficient. Have you tried the cotton rope inside the weave and just use some quality jumpers and not the straps? Easy just to get a short stick of 4TC and unbraid it, take two strands and twist to make your own jumpers.
There’s a pair of Acoustic Zen Satori 8’ shotgun bi-wire cables with spades on US Audio Mart for $750, which is half retail.  These are excellent all-around cables, and after 30 years if you have any desire to try something different to see how your Kimbers stack up I’d highly recommend giving these a try.  If they don’t significantly better your Kimbers just sell them, which shouldn’t be hard as there’s a good market for AZ wires.  If the Kimbers hold up against the Satoris you know you’re in good shape.  Just another option, and best of luck. 
Are you sure you want to settle for “good enough “ with those terrific speakers? Borrow the dealers cables and see what you think...
There is another dealer I can borrow wires from.