Kimber 4TC for M-L Electromotion ESL?

I'm looking for new speaker cables to go with my Martin-Logans and my Parasound A21-Cary SLP98. Will the Kimber work?
Yes, the TC-4 will work. I had TC-4's years ago, and they sounded decent, but when I auditioned cables from Synergistic Research, I was blown away at how much better the SR's sounded. I bought them, and am still using them after 6-7 years. I'm not saying you should buy SR's, but in my experience, there are much better sounding cables out there. You will most likely get quite a few differences of opinion on this subject, it seems to always go that way.

You might want to give The Cable Company a call, they are knowledgeable about what cables go well with what. If you are buying new, they have a lending library so you can try before you buy. They also have a large stock of used cables to choose from.

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The 4TC will work, but I would go with at least the the 8TC. I'm a TARA Labs fan myself. I have TARA Labs Master Gen2+ on my ML Aerius i's with Threshold amp and preamp, and am totally happy with them. If you decide to audition TARA Labs, from The Cable Company, make sure it's the RSC series.
The 4TC will work. I think it might be a tad bright and zippy coming from a solid state amp to a pretty high rez speaker. I always found the "TC" sereis from Kimber to be that way and I was Kimber dealer for quite awhile. If you want to stay with Kimber, the "VS" series would be my choice. Probably the 8VS.
I'm a Kimber fan, but based on your equipment you are cheaping out on the cables. The 4TCs simply do not carry enough current for good top-to-bottom tonal balance. I can even tell the difference when using them as jumpers on bi-wirable speakers.

I agree with those who recommend at least 8TC; 12TC would be even better, but another alternative would be to get some Zu Libtec via Zu Cable's ZuPromos storefront. These are $500-600 cables selling at auction for $200-300, and include free shipping and Zu's full warranty and 60-day return period. The Libtecs are much better balanced and have a more complete bottom end than the 4TCs.