Kimber 4TC Bi-Wire Question

Is Bi Wiring with two sets of 4TC the same as using one pair of 8TC and not Bi Wiring?
Depends on amp and sppeakers.
Are you biwiring with 2 seperate runs?
Do you have quality jumpers fot the single run of 8tc?
I would pick one pair of 8tc over biwiring 4tc, If I had to choose
Having listened to 8TC vs. two runs of 4TC, I'd chose the double run of 4TC. The sound is tighter and not as muddled especially in the bass as the 8TC, imo.
I'd agree with Nick. 8TC gets all the coverage, but I don't hear much difference between 4TC and 8TC. If a speaker is made for bi-wiring, it will usually sound better bi-wired. This kind of thing is system dependent, but imho you're not giving up much with 4TC versus 8TC and the benefits of bi-wiring would outweigh any advantage of 8TC, even with jumpers made of 8TC. If it were me, I'd bi-wire with 4TC.
In agreement with Nick and Jbaxley: IF the system is designed for bi-wiring.
I currently have shotgunned 4TC and have had stotgunned 8TC/4TC (8TC for the lows, 4TC for the highs). The 8TC/4TC was overblown in the bass and overall not as refined and neutral as the 4TC. Above all, I would not use 8TC for the mids and highs, as you are intending. As others have said, if the speakers are made to be bi-wired, go with 4TC/4TC, either shotgunned or two discrete cables. I love this setup. In my system, I do not find it wanting in any regard.