Kimber 1021 vs Granite Audio 470

Does anyone have strong feelings on the relative strengths and weaknesses of these cables? I'm looking for interconnects that are musical, a touch warm, perhaps, but revealing of detail. My system consists of a Cary 306 CD player, First Sound Presence Deluxe preamp (both with Harmonic Technology AC-10 power cords), Earmax Pro headphone amp, Sennheiser 600 headphones (with an Equinox cord), and a BPT CPC line conditioner with a Litz L-9 power cord. Thanks!

I do not have any experience with your equipment (but have heard good things about your Cary CD player) or with the Granite Audio IC's.

The KS 1021 is a very, very good IC. I have used 1011 and 1030 for the last three years, and spent about six months with 1021's in two different systems. The 1021 is a neutral, very open-sounding and transparent IC that has worked well with every use I put it to. Kimber's silver cables pass more information from the midrange up than do most copper cables, so you may want to be certain that the rest of your system is up to the task before using it (they expose grain and other nasties in other parts of your system). Kimber is a really good company to deal with, too, from my experience.

Good luck