Killing the Myth:Soundlabs with SET 845based ONLY

Guys and Gals
How many of you have been told or read that Soundlabs won't work with low powered SET (845 tubed only)amps.This is my first excursion into the new Galaxy of unchartered lands of SET nirvana for me.I have used manly push pull tubes (ARC,D150,M300)in the past to drive my Ultimate II's.Where have I been all this ask? I thought my merry-go round days were over until I heard these on Soundlabs.Granted you can't blast your heart away thinking you can move the foundation of your apartment or home .I don't listen at extreme levels.So, for those who don't listen at Super Bowl levels....maybe this is for you! Caveat....a Soundlab dealer heard this setup and said also this was some of the best he has heard them produce.I am sure he will chime in here during this discussion I can't mention his company or name.BTW,my speakers aren't the updated high efficency panels or upgraded models with new backplates either.Other notables....these were discontinued "modified" amps of the 845 variety and I haven't listened to any of the other currently produced maunfacturers.
So,here I am trying to grab that merry-go-round again...will it ever end?

Oh you rabble rouser!
Merry-go-round? Oh you need to buy a pair of Antique Sound Labs 805 DTs...50 watts from one #805 triode.

I'm using a pair to drive my rather-insensitive Quad 989s and LOVE the combination.
The Art Audio Carissa and/or Carissa Signature will run relatively inefficient loudspeakers as well. These are high current design 845 amp. The bass control and articulation on my highly modified Alons is amazing from just 16 WPC, much better than all my previous push pulls with much higher wattage.
Aren't the Viva 845 SET amps supposed to be synergetic with Soundlabs? I know at least one person here has tried this very combination.
Your listening levels are similar to mine. You don't mention which 845's, are we talking about?? I'm glad your setup floats your boat; nothing like a smile as you listen--YEAH!!
Aroc, is that person your referring to me? If not, add another to the list.

I ran Sound-Lab Ultimate Ones for nearly two years with the original Viva 572 based amp (21 watts) and later the 845 version.

Indeed, the big Sound-Labs will produce acceptable levels with these amps, provided you are not concerned with sweeping dynamic contrast or loud passages.

I got excellent performance with Jazz, particularly small group and piano jazz trio. Also excellent with all female vocals. Sound pressure level with incredible emotion and textures, up to about 90 DB (12-14 feet), with the only issue being complex classical and Rock and Roll (sudden high amplitude material) that always stretched the power supply of that little SET facing the Sound-Lab load and trying to fill my large space.

There is indeed something special about the sound of a single driver speaker driven by a single output tube running class A. Purity that is addictive and makes you forget about the gear and listen to ONLY the music.

Besides, when it only plays that loud, everyone has to shut up and listen instead of trying to compete with the speakers.
Nrchy,you must know this might ignite a forest fire once the work gets out.Not meaning to create controversy but my system sounds more like music than it ever has.I thought my previous amp was the "BOMB" but this has surpassed even my wildest dreams.I am under "lock-down" mode and refuse to be disturbed.BTW,Nrchy,I like your Victory. I also,ride and have been doing it for 28 years off and on.I recently (5 months ago)purchased my first Harley.All my previous bikes were Hondas.
Jeffreybehr,you are the "MAN" because you let the secret out of the bag.The amps are "modified" Antique Sound Labs but not one of the current models.It's a older model "106".Don't ask me why he chose this particular model.Technically, I am a wet dishrag but have more than a facination for great sound.The technical aspects I leave to those who marvel in the mystery and challenge of circuitry.I love music first and equipment comes second.Jeffrey who did your modifications might I ask? On tomorrow I will ask the gentleman about modifying the current model Antique Sound Lab DT 805 and see what he says.Is it possible that the 845 is "overdriven" at 50 watts? Remember I am a dishrag so go easy on me! I am only kidding about the dishrag thing. I can retain more than water.One guy in our audio group has Viva amps that he drives Kharmas with them. I haven't heard his system because I am working most nights and evenings so I am unable to make most of the meetings.Happy Listening!

Yes Albert, you were the A'goner to whom I was referring. I remember reading about you and you U1's and Viva amps prior to you getting your wolcotts.

Lookie here,Ma!!!!! All these late night Audiophiles on the net.It's midnight here don't ya'll ever go to bed,guys!
I understand late night listening sessions myself and these past three nights have begun many voyages of rediscovering all that I have missed in my recordings before the amps arrived.It's been incredible and totally unexpected.
Hello,Mr.Porter a person I must give tremendous respect to.I was sorry to hear you don't have your Ultimate One's anymore.You are one of the reasons I purchased them after reading all your adventures with them over the years.I have the Ultimate II's and they are more than I have ever expected to have as part of my system. As usual,you are "spot on" with your descriptions of the sound.The 845 SET that I am presently listening to excels at reproducing my favorite music...which is Jazz and vocals.Albert, with you stepping into this thread it has validated my impressions that I am not just dreaming the Soundlabs actually can "play" with decent volume and that was my first concern.I don't have a concert hall for a listening room (13X15)but this works for my applications....this is a godsend.Some might say my speakers are too large for my listening environment but it works for me.Sometimes the bass is a little over ripe and I just notch it down a little.At about the eleven o'clock position on the volume knob I can begin to hear the textures "hardening" and not as pure as before.The sound becomes more homgenized.Seems like all the performers aren't as separate as before but are moving closer together with drier textures.I just want to say "Thanks" to all who respond.The ship is out the harbor...who knows where the next destination is! Happy Listening.