Killing BluRay, new Oppo BR 83

OK, I have been vocal on these forums with my opinion that BluRay is a short term media, and will not become the dominant media format. My reason:

1) There is not a mind blowing difference in BluRay quality
over the existing domintant format of DVD. That's not to say BluRay is not better, but it's not the difference between VHS and DVD, where you couldn't believe what you were seeing. Does it look and sound better, yes. Does it change your life, no. Especially with the quality of the upconverting DVD players available.

2) Given my first point, I don't think there is a big call to replace any purchased DVD's with BluRay. Any videophile who had a bunch of VHS tapes did that immeadiately with DVD, but why do it again? Basically the same disk, great sound, and small size, with excellent picture. I don't think that investment is going to be made again, and that means the market for BluRay discs is MUCH smaller for classic movies.

3) The advenet of internet based movie downloads is already available in HD. Granted, it's only 720 and no HD soundtracks, but does anyone believe that is not coming, and quickly. I love using my AppleTV to rent movies, never leave the house, and don't have to return. Honestly, I have bought a bunch of movies that way, since I have such a big network storage capacity. I think this will be the dominant AV format going forward, both movies and music. More high res video and music available faster. I believe that the rise in the market for outboard DAC's will become even greater, and they will have he ability to decode the new higher res music, and possible video soundtracks in surround. Output to analog preamps for Audiophile grade sound will become the norm for audiophiles, or hybrid HT/2 channel systems, as is becoming the norm.

I whole-heartedly believe this since recieving my new Oppo BluRay player. It is a great player, and it's the second BluRay I have had in my system so it just has re-inforced my previous hypothosis regarding the future of BluRay. Don't get me wrong, the player is STELLAR in every way. Considering the price, it's almost criminal especially on SACD and DVD-Audio (which I have not had any of the problems that the first firmware owners had). I have not gotten to use it as a CD transport yet, I am waiting on one of Paul G's (TubeAudioDesign) new DACs and the redbook CD sound on it's own was just OK.

That said, after watching several movies in both BluRay and DVD on the same player, the difference is just not that huge. It is better, but not enough to make me run out and buy any of those movies again on BluRay. It's the difference, to me, between the Magnepan 3.6 and 20.1. It's definitely better, but they are both excellent.

OK, those are my thoughts, FWIW.

I came to these conclusion
C'mon guys, this is (primarily) an audio forum, so I can't believe that none of the posts on this thread mention the REAL benefit of Blu-Ray: It's the SOUND!

The sound quality of DTS Master-HD and even Dolby TrueHD is SOOO much better than DVD's lossy Dolby Digital and DTS. If you can't immediately hear a huge difference, it's time for a new HT processor.
Something to consider about actually observing REAL differences when comparing Blu-ray to regular DVDs. On my own personal Sony Wega tube set (which has the best "balck" in the business) there is HUGE depth of field difference between Blu-ray and standard DVD formats. Can we say "spooky real 3D depth!". However, when I took my new Blu-ray player to a couple friends houses (to show them these "HUGE" differences) neither of their flat panel LCDs had deep enough black levels to make the visual difference nearly as noticeable. (In this case, I would totally support this poster's opinion of Blu-ray not really being such a big deal). And yes, both flat panels were "1080 P". In a nutshell, it's more than just the fact of this particular specification. IMHO having a monitor and/or flat panel with true DEEEEP black levels are everything for showing a Blu-ray's superior capabilities over standard DVD. Big Hint; go hook a Blu-ray player up to a Pioneer Kuro flat panel and then tell me you aren't seriously impressed with the video improvement that Blu-ray has over the old DVD format ;-)
I'm glad that somebody finally mentioned "audio on BD". I own the Pioneer 6020 and the Denon 4308ci. I own 3 bd players---one being the older Sam.1200---the Pioneer '95 and the Sony 550. On reg dvd the Sammy 1200 is about what our poster is referring to.---"Once Upon A Time In The West" isn't out on BD yet.I doubt BD will improve on pc much.The audio might tho.I did pay big bucks for my 1200 and I'm kinda sure the Oppo will be at; or better this player at a lower price than I paid.
I agree with the original poster's comments on Blu-ray being a short term format but disagree with at least one of the listed reasons.

#1 - Picture quality - The difference on my system, while not as great as VHS to DVD is huge. Are you watching Blu-ray on a 1080p TV at the proper distance?

#2 - Library replacement - I guess this one is a draw. I am replacing many of my favorite DVDs with Blu-ray - when the price is right (not at anywhere near MSRP). But many of them will stay DVD. It all depends upon the movie, subject matter, etc. Pixar films are amazing in Blu-ray!

#3 - Upcoming format - This is where I wholeheartedly agree with the OP. Software is the future of media delivery whether it is movies or music. Why would I buy a CD, SACD or DVD-A of a recording that I can buy a download of a 24-bit/192kHz recording? Equally, why would I go to a store to buy a physical disc of a 1080p movie when I could download one onto a flash drive or hard disc, or carry a 64 or 128GB flash drive into a store and have one loaded on it in seconds. Virtual media is the future and moving formats (spinning discs) will be obsolete in a couple of years.

That is why my Blu-ray player is a PS3. And yes, I fully expect Sony to replace it with a game/media server in several years time.