Killer used integrated for

Setting up a basement system and looking to replace older Marantz surround receiver with something more for 2 channel for under $500. Was looking for a Audio Refinement Complete but none for sale. Any others I should be considering? No phono needed.
+1 on Rega Brio. I just sold one on another marketplace. 

Also, killer is not the word I would use for any of these.
Ps audio sprout 100. 
'Killer' is a matter of perspective!For a good value in new, how about the Yamaha integrated amps in the price range?
I've been looking for something similar. Mine is specifically for a pair of EPOS M5 speakers which are 88db, 4 ohm bookshelf speakers. (Recommendations welcome.)

A few things that have been on my radar are the PS Audio Sprout, the NAD 3020, the Emotiva TA-100, and the Nuprime iDA6 which is on clearance for $350. You can probably get to some things a bit higher than this list if you are looking used, but of course that's dependent on what you actually find available used.