Killer two-way

I need a killer two-way to replace my paradigm mini MK3's.They will be xover@65hz.They will be stand mounted and need to play hometheater up to about 90db.I will be running them off of single biamped B&K ST-140's.I have three for the fronts and two for the sides and single rear center.Thanx
Consider Totem Model 1 that theoretically needs no sub but with one I guess should kill giants.
I echo the Totem recommendation, but it's best to also match them to your center channel at least. Surrounds not as big a deal to match tonally, but it helps.
Totems or proac 1
After auditioning the Paradigm Reference 20v3s at home over the weekend.It is a no brainer! These speakers are very good and will make it difficult for you to consider spending more!

Good Luck!
You may want to consider Ascend Acoustics CBM 170s and Axiom M3ti. Both can be had for around $300 with in home trial period. If they don't work out, you can send them back and you're only out return shipping. Good luck!