Killer female vocal recordings-show me the light..

Hi guy. Threads, earlier, have turned me on to some great female vocals. Here's my dilemma: While I can appreciate a killer voice, a poor recording wrecks the whole thing for me. Take Billy Holiday, for instance. Her absolutely best (sonically) recording, Body and Soul, comes 10 years too late. Her voice is over. Way over. If I could only find stuff of hers from the '30s and '40s that was of similar quality. Given the time, I know this is tough, but maybe you guys have some pet recordings that are as sweet as they could be. Remasters? The following are singers that I absolutely adore and would like to know your experience with great to killer recordings. I know there are other vocalists (and I have plently of them) but these gals do it, most:
Sara Vaughn
Dinah Washington
Dee Dee Bridwater
Billy Holiday
Betty Carter
I have never heard Sheila Jordan, Morgana King and Ernestine Anderson. If you can turn me on to a killer title/recording, I'll definitely check it out. Please keep to my humble list. thanks in advance, my fellow audiophools. peace, warren
Check out LHasa's albums! Maybe she realy deserved Grammy.
She's latino but despite my poor understanding of Spanish I still enjoyed that super-voice. Recording is to the level of Patricia Barber's albums or even better.
Seek for remasters of Edit Piaf. Original albums are all dull but her voice will always be remembered as one of the best events on this planet.
Check out Mireille Matheu "Une Histoire D'Amour" album.
One recording I would recommend is Sara Evans - Born to Fly. The production is stunning, possibly the best I have ever heard, honestly. It is classified as country music but give it a shot, I hate country music and actually like the CD alot. This woman has an amazing voice.
guys, I'm only interested in the titles of recordings of the artists mentioned. thanks. perhaps my thread was unclear.
Don't you want to broaden your musical horizons Mr. Warrenh?
There are oodles of threads about great female vocals. Been there, done that. This is not about expanding my horizons. It's about answering my question. Somebody? My list is clear as day. If you know of well recorded titles of these artists, I'd be beholding.
Hey Warren,

Do you have the XRCD by Ella and Oscar Peterson? I heard it once at an Audio Store and I am in search of this disc as well.
I have Ella (XRCD) with Joe Pass on guitar. As intimate a vocal/recording as you can get. Pristine sound, as well. I'll put the Oscar Petterson one on my list.
Try Jacintha -- "Here's to Ben" or "Autumn Leaves" on the FIM label (CD). Also, Alison Krauss "Forget About It" or "New Favorite" ......Also any Eva Cassidy
I don't know about the Ella and Oscar Peterson disc Tubemiser mentions above, but I have an Ella and Joe Pass XRCD that is quite stunning.

I'd also recommend the Classic reissues of Ella's "Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie" and "Let No Man Write My Epitaph", both should still be available on CD.

Too bad you don't have vinyl capability, I recently picked up the Speakers Corner reissue of Ella singing the Gershwin catalog. Incredible!

Hope this is of interest. Happy Listening!
Are you familiar with Ella's "Fine and Mellow" on Pablo? It's from the mid-70's so her voice isn't as pure as it was during eg. the "Songbook" era 20 years earlier but she still swings and the sound is superb. Over time I've used this album to assess a system's soundstaging capability (several cuts/tracks). "The Man I Love" on this album also is useful for assessing a component's effect on "PRaT". Enjoy!
Ella and Louie Armstrong series are excellent reissues. The best for sound quality is their rendition of Porky and Bess.
Since it's not on your list, please don't check out Helen Merrill with Clifford Brown on Mercury CD. It's fantastic mono (tube mic) and both artists are in their (young) prime. Sorry for the interuption. Jacintha? Only for insomniacs.
Live At Delta 88 - Joan Osborne Band

Ernestine Anderson-Live from Concord to London
Concord Jazz CCD 4054
Warren this one's also not on your list, but I love Stevie Nicks' vocals. Her "Enchanted" release (boxed set of 3) sounds fantastic & is even HDCD encoded. Of course they'll still play on any 16 bit machine.
Radka Toneff and Steve Dobrogoz "Fairytales". The first track "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" is nothing short of amazing. She has an amazing voice with lots of emotions.

LP preferred but CD still good. If you have problems finding the album, I believe that this song is featured in one of the Burmester CD samplers.
Check out "For the Stars" Ann Sofie Von Otter Meets Elvis Costello. She's an opera singer he met in Europe after his wife talked him into an Opera visit.
She has the best female voice I've ever heard..
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Be patient & listen to the entire CD when you can completely relax!
Of the female jazz vocalists you have mentioned, I would recomend the following recordings:
Since you find Lady Day's voice during her Verve years too raspy, I would recommend her Columbia recordings. These came in two great LP sets: Billie Holiday "The Golden Years" Vols. I and II. Another great recording from her 1944-50 period is The Billie Holiday Story, originally released on Decca, re-released on MCA. On these three sets you will hear the songs that have become identified with her when Billie was in her prime.
Ella never sounded so relaxed and unselfconscious as when she recorded with Armstrong. All of the recordings they made for Norman Granz's Verve in '56 and '57 are absolutely wonderful. Granz also produced a fine recording of Ella and the Duke Ellington Orchestra in '56 and '57 called Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook Vol. I, with strong accompaniment from Hodges, Kessel, Webster, Nance, Anderson and the rest of the Orchestra. You will also want to hear Ella's classic If Dreams Come True that she recorded with Chic Webb in '37 and Ella Sings Gershwin, recorded on Decca DL74451.
Sarah Vaughan made several memorable recordings. Let me suggest two: Sarah Vaughan, recorded on EmArcy in '55 with Clifford Brown and others; and, How Long Has This Been Going On? w/Peterson, Pass, Brown and Bellson recorded in '78 for Granz's Pablo.
Betty Carter's recording on Bet-Car entitled Betty Carter is deserving of its spot on Lyons' best 100 jazz recordings.
I agree with Kana that Ernestine Anderson's Live From Concord to London is one of her best recordings. But I prefer Never Make Your Move Too Soon on Concord, 1981. It's got it all: Anderson in top form, tasteful selections, great accompaniment from Alexander, Brown and Gant, original arrangements that swing.
Thanks Mrwigglewm. You be da man. Finally!
P.S. are the cds you're talking about great recordings? That be what I'm looking for, as you've read. I'm assuming they are. peace, warren
With all due respect I believe your original premise is misguided. Billie Holiday's best recorded performances are all pre-1945 (the same with Louis Armstrong and a good deal of Duke Ellington) and they are masterpieces of 20th century music. The fact that they are not SOTA recordings is besides the point. You're letting your audiophile tendencies control your listening preferences and I think that's wrong. Please don't take offence, it's just my opinion.

With that said, check out Ella Fitzgerald's "Clap Hands". A top flight performance and a very fine recording.
Onhwy61, I understand completely, and am in comlete agreement with you. My audiophile tendencies, do control much of what I listen to. It's a balancing act. Take Oscar Petterson for example. A monster. His habit of singing along with his playing, drives me nuts. Live recordings are great, but the APPLAUSE: drives me nuts. I have a slew of Holiday recordings. It's just that after hearing the quality of Body and Soul, I long for the same quality, or near it, 10 years earlier. I'm just looking for pristine or great recordings from the list, which doesn't necessarily mean that I don't listen to the lesser thans.....thanks, warren
Try Marlena Shaw "Live in Tokyo"
no mention here, of Dinah Washington. Unbelievable. peace, warren
Warren, I share your taste regarding Dinah Washington. The poster asked for super quality recordings and I find Dinah's somewhat spotty. The recent re-release on Mercury is pretty decent, though.