Killer combination of silver and copper doubles

I have stumbled across a combination of affordable, common-sense speaker cables that sound like $5000 cables and cost less than 20% of that: clear day solid silver doubling up with Blue Jeans Belden 10 AWG copper - who make absolutely killer locking bananas - and the merits of clear day have been written about at length. But don't underestimate the very inexpensive Belden 10 awg cable as a companion to the more vaunted clear day. And, by the way, both Clear day and Blue Jeans probably have the best service available. I ordered the BJC Friday night, on my doorstep, Terminated 9 am Monday. Try them. (No affiliation to either)
Welcome to the party. If you look at past threads, this has been discussed and appreciated (by me too) in that it appears to work. There is care to be taken but I can't remember now what it was. Nothing serious though.

I've always felt that all cables are designed as best they can be to the price point they sell. It shouldn't take a great leap of faith to see that combining two different cables, each with their own strengths, can produce a better sound than one could get paying lots more for a single type or brand.

Using double runs of the same cable has been done for ages so why not different ones?

Enjoy, and all the best.