Kill Bill soundtrack Any good?

I was wondering if the Kill Bill soundtrack was worth picking up? Anyone have a playlist? I've seen the movies but I don't really remember what the music was like.
I remember hearing what sounded like a Charlie Feathers cut I was unfamiliar with during that grisly scene in Texas. Worth it for that cut alone...
Here is the play list for Kill Bill Vol. 1. Obviously they intend to do two or three of these in a series like Star Wars, Matrix and LOTR to name but a few.

1.   Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)  performed by Nancy Sinatra - 2:40

2.   That Certain Female  performed by Charlie Feathers - 3:02

3.   The Grand Duel - (Parte Prima)  performed by Luis Bacalov - 3:24

4.   Twisted Nerve  performed by Bernard Herrmann - 1:27

5.   Queen of the Crime Council  performed by Lucy Liu / Julie Dreyfus - 0:57
6.   Ode to Oren Ishii  performed by RZA - 2:05

7.   Run Fay Fun  performed by Isaac Hayes - 2:46

8.   Green Hornet Theme  performed by Al Hirt - 2:18

9.   Battle Without Honor or Humanity  performed by Tomoyasu Hotei - 2:28

10.   Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  performed by Santa Esmeralda - 10:30

11.   Woo Hoo  performed by Five Six Seven Eight's - 1:59

12.   Crane/White Lightning  performed by RZA / Charles Bernstein - 1:37

13.   The Flower of Carnage  performed by Meiko Kaji - 3:52

14.   The Lonely Shepherd  performed by Zamfir - 4:20

15.   You're My Wicked Life  performed by David Carradine / Julie Dreyfus / Uma Thurman - 1:14

16.   Ironside [excerpt]  performed by Quincy Jones - 0:16

17.   Super 16 [excerpt]  performed by Neu - 1:06

18.   Yakuza Oren 1  performed by RZA - 0:22

19.   Banister Fight  performed by RZA - 0:21

20.   Flip Sting - 0:04

21.   Sword Swings - 0:05

22.   Axe Throws - 0:00

For more, click the link below to take you to AMG. The most important music info site on the web (in my opinion).
Thanks Albert. I checked out the it is very good. It's now in my favorites. By the way, that is some system you have. I like your room also. I'll be publishing my system on Audiogon soon too. Hope you check it out. Looks like I'll be buying "Kill Bill".