Kill Bill Soundtrack


I love it!

Movie wasn't so shabby either (my fav this year dare to say thus far).
I agree, fantastic, fun movie, excellent soundtrack. A Tarantino classic.
Great soundtrack!


Tarantino outdid himself, the movie is a sight to behold

and tons of Uma to boot

the man is a genius.

Oh yeah this thread is about the soundtrack,

I just remember liking it as always with a Tarantino film, especially the Nancy Sinatra song: Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down.

Quentin has a really good ear for music IMHO.
Philojet writes: "I just remember liking it as always with a Tarantino film, especially the Nancy Sinatra song: Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down."

Hey, isn't that the old Cher song?
Cher may have done a cover of “Bang Bang,” but Nancy Sinatra performs it in this instant classic by Tarantino.

Daryl Hannah WITH Uma and a “killer” Japanese schoolgirl. It would be worth watching for that alone. I’m buying this one, and I own less than a dozen DVD’s.
Who are some of the bands on this disc? Haven't seen the movie yet, is it out at the rental places?
The soundtrack is sold out in many stores out here in LA. I asked, and one guy said sold out in 1 day.

Amazing...but great soundtrack. Agree that I wish it were longer.

And Zamfir the pan flute guy is on it! Such a Tarantino type move...
I think the Bang Bang song by Nancy Sinatra was done in the 60s, Cher did it several years later.

Cosmic Void: the movie is at the theatre right now, go see it but, be prepared for a bloodbath as this is as over the top as you can get in all respects, especially gore mixed with stunning cinemetography and, as mentioned, beautiful music.
Thanks for the recommend. I am not into gore that much but if there is enough else to redeem the movie then I can abide it.
Okay, I'm convinced. I'm going to see it today and may report back! :)

I am not into gore at all, it is almost campy the way he does it but, the black and white images mixed with beautiful colors in other shots.... well, it is like the House on the Rock in Wisconson, you just cannot explain it.

I liked it anyway
I agree with Philjolet, the gore is campy and cartoonish, not gross. It's even a bit funny at times and fits in well with the manic, over the top style of the movie.
Cool, I'm in.
FYI: The Cher single of "Bang Bang" came out in '66. Nancy's version was included on her "How Does That Grab You?" LP from that same year, but wasn't released as a 45.