Kill-A-Watt...any one use one?

I have one to monitor power and usage and love it. Just checking if anyone else have one. Thanks
I leave my stuff on 24/7.
I am not as worried about power consumption as sound.
My monthy bill is $55 Winter, $80 Summer, with air on.
My numerous electronics Audio and Video, certainly are at $35 to $40 of that bill (including computer)

I would think most audiophiles are not very worried about electrical power consumption.
(though big tube amps and class "A" amps do tend to be huge power consumers.. and generate tons of heat too)
Thanks for the response Elizabeth. I to only rely on quality of sound. I just wanted to comment on the accuracy of the kill-a-watt unit and is indeed accurate.
My monthy bill is $55 Winter, $80 Summer, with air on.
nice! i would sure like to have your electric bill!! ;-)
Yes me to.
Hi Kill-A-Watt owners

Do you find it reads voltage from the socket accurately? The reason I ask is that I've lost my digital multimeter and only have the Kill-A-Watt to use to check the voltage from the outlets that I plug my system into.

Originally I used the Kill-A-Watt to try to measure how much my gear and other items consume and it has come in handy.