Kii3 loudspeakers

Impressions of the Kii3 speakers. Positive or negative. If not the Kii3's which speaker to choose?
Many people love the kii speakers.  ive heard them twice.  While I didnt hate them and I could probably get used to the high end, they had a certain 'fake' quality to me.  Like the dsp made the phase response too perfect.  I think most people would disagree with me and would really like them.  Personally I like the sound of ATC or barefoot better than the Kii for powered boxes and I like the big Sonus Fabers as my first choice speaker personally.  However in that level of speaker its a really personal choice and for that budget you should hear a few yourself before making that decision.  

I might be the only person who doesnt love the kii speakers.  

They really work great with smaller rooms where the speaker has to no further than a foot from rear wall as well as opened side areas.
They are now , by June, a lower half speaker set, BXT, that will extend base tremendously. 8 powered speakers  per speaker cabinet.
No need for their $1500.00 stands.  
Reaudition them.