kids = sticky soda residue on metal dome.......

Bless my darling little children.... how can I remove dried (almost like hardened glue) soda residue from a metal dome tweeter?? Evidently, the soda was spilled, unbeknownst to me, and dripped/drizzled through the screen and onto the tweeter, leaving several thick spots of residue. I can't hear anything wrong with the sound, but I would still like to clean it off without causing any damage to the tweeter.


Use a box of "Q-Tips" and a cup of dishsoap/water and very gently wipe the spots with a dampened Q-Tip until they dissolve.
What I would do.
Give it a half hour of gentle attention.
(If the screen is stuck on.. You have to find out how to take it off first.
Mine are: Magnetic, and other: soft sticky glue around edge. Both of my types can be pulled off easily, and replaced.
If you cannot remove the screen... I would just leave it alone.
There ar two great ways to remove dried soda. One is to use hot water, the other to use warm soda water (by soda I am refering to club soda.)
If you go the hot water route, try dabbing a rag in it and sponging.
Also try a method wich involves warming up your room as hot as it can get, and if that is not hot enough a hair drier focused at the sticky mess should make it viscous enough to aid in removal.
Likely to leave a stain by now.If the sound isn't affected you won't gain much with removal visually.....good luck,Bob