Kid Creole & Coconuts

If you love August Darnell and his music.....and you want to hear some of the grooviest trombone is their best performance of 'Don't take my Coconuts'
Turn the sound up on 'Full Screen' and hear another wild trombone at 7min30sec mark.
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Very good performance, thanks!!!! KC always puts a smile on my face and movement in my body !!!! I have some King Creole vinyl that I enjoy when in the mood, just plane old fun !!!!!!!!
Thanks for the link. I agree - best version I've ever seen (and I've seen A LOT). I will always believe that KC & his Coconuts were, at their peak, the best live band of our time.

BTW, his newest release "I Wake Up Screaming" is actually very, very good. He did a good job of incorporating contemporary dance music elements into his own ouvre, so it's a little different, but still recognizably the work of the master. If you like the Kid, it's definitely worth checking out.
I agree Marty that one had to see them 'live' to really appreciate them?
In fact the 4 albums I have of them are sightly disappointing in 'sound' and atmasphere. Here is another clip from that same tour in 1982
Looove those sexy Coconuts :-)
And another clip
Love "Endicott".
All of the early records (Fresh Fruit, Tropical Gangsters, Doppelganger) were IMHO great records. Then there were a few spotty releases followed by Kiss Me, To Travel Sideways, and Too Cool to Conga all of which I like a lot (tho they all took some time to register). As noted above, I really like the new one.

There are a bunch of really good hits CDs and the latest live CD (don't know the title, but, for ID purposes, the first track is a cover of "Oh! What a Night" and the last track is "It's Automatic") is IMO great!

Did someone mention Stool Pidgeon ?
I used to see them in NYC at the Ritz in their prime. They played the Stone Pony too. My buddy Gary known as Jr. Smoots in a local reggae band called the Disturbers was friends with the guitar player whose style was a perfect fit for the band. The women bass player was incredible for her rock solid riffs. The Coconuts were beautiful and added the sex appeal the crowd loved. Of course my favorite was Coti Mudi (sic), the perfect foil to Kids coolness. I have what I believe to be Mudi's only solo album on vinyl and it is a prized procession. I consider Fresh Fruit to be one of my top ten albums of all time and the fact that its an opera makes it all the more fun. If you haven't heard it your in for a treat.
I would have loved to have seen them in NYC but never did :-(
I can't understand how they managed to pay for all their performers?....the Coconuts, a brass section as well as a percussion and rhythm section?

You'd have to play to an audience of thousands every time....or go bust?
Maybe everyone just plays for 'love'?
You're right Marty,
Just put on Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places and have been listening all afternoon.
Great album.
There are many you mention which I've never heard of?
Are they available on vinyl?

I don't know about vinyl availability because I got lazy and went pretty much exclusively to the binary dark side several years ago. I have the first five or so on vinyl from back in the day (which I'll keep in case I get "un-lazy" one day), but - after those - I'm not sure what was released on LP.


Their rounds in NYC included the late, lamented Trampps, The Ritz, and The Bottom Line. I probably saw a dozen or so of their shows, including those in which Coati Mundi had the trampoline hidden behind his gear and he would suddenly, inexplicably launch himself. In one later (mid 90's?) show, when he had left the band, Coati opened for the kid and did a wild, acid jazz flavored set, before sitting in on several songs when KC & The Coconuts hit the stage.

As some here also know, KC & The Coconuts played my 50th birthday party at The Key Club here in LA five years ago. It was a great time, but the band was a shell of those monster funk outfits he put together back in the day.


PS - Kid's brother, the late Stony Browder, led a band called Dr Buzzard's Savannnah Band in which Kid played bass. Dr Buzzard played a "lusher" variation of KC&TC's latin jazz/Disco/ dance rock stew. It's fun, and worth hearing, but less involving than Kid's stuff for me. Kid also had an "alter-ego" called Elbow Bones. If you can find the Elbow Bones and the Racketeers CD, it's pretty fantastic IMHO.

The only recording I have of them is "In Praise of Older Women and Other Crimes" and its on vinyl on the Sire label.
Yes....that's a good one Mrmitch.
'Particul'y Int'rested'.......'Name It' :-)
'Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places' is also great on vinyl.
'Private Waters in the Great Divide' however is disappointing.
And 'The Best Of Kid Creole & the Coconuts' has inferior sonics to the original albums.
Must try some of Marty's recommendations......
Just bought "Off the Coast Of Me" on vinyl. It's good but not as good as the previous album I mentioned.
I saw them perform back in the early 80's at The Fast Lane in Asbury Park. It was the wildest, most fun show I think I've ever seen. The girls danced out Hula style in grass skirts and the drummer popped up from behind his kit and crashed the cymbals with a coconut in each hand to open the set. Then the kid came out in a Zoot Suit and the show never let up.
I just bought the 3 DVD Set of Kid Creole and the Coconuts.
DVD 1 is the 1982 London Concert (which is my favourite of all the performances I have seen).
DVD 2 is the 1985 Paris Concert which is also great whilst
DVD 3 is a compilation of all known music videos and TV performances.

This is a set for the true believers of Darnell and the best backing musicians you're likely to see?.........and don't get me started on the Coconuts.....:-)