"Kid A" the new "Dark Side @ Moon" ?

Totally hooked on this Radiohead collection. Think it stands out in the current '80's type talent drought. Welcome advice on similarly compelling stuff.
it's dark side OF the moon (not @). glad you like kid a. i thought it sucked 'til i heard parts of it played at ces! (not EVERYONE uses classical recordings). guess i'm gonna hafta hear it again, this time on my system. so far, tho, i'll say this: i know dsotm; this ain't no dsotm.
Check out The Tragically Hip, "Day for Night" is a good place to start. I love The Hip! www.thehip.com
Strangely enough Radiohead's previous album OK Computer had very similar themes to DSOM although musically maybe a bit rockier. Kid A mmm not so sure but I do think they do sound like Floyd at times I think The Vigin Suicides soundtrack by French band Air is musically at times like DSOM although more keyboard based. All these CD's are worth checking out.
I checked out Kid A. They were being compared to Brian eno. Not even close! Good hype in trying to compare to DSOM. It should make them a few more bucks
Snook2 if you are into Eno try a CD called Sakura by Susumu Yakoto on Leaf records. This is very like Eno a bit more contemporary and really amazing ambient music. Trust me.
What's the deal with Kid A? I hated it when I first heard it. I'm pretty sure that I still don't particularly like it. However, it has been spending a remarkeable amount of time in the old CD player. Just can't seem to stop listening to it. Wierd.
I too thought nothing special when I first heard kid a now though I am amazed! Great Disc! I could also recommend Front line Assembly and Delerium. Allthough they are more industrial I find their work incredible
Hey Ben Cambell, wow I'm surprised to see a Susumu Yokota fan on here. I really like that one too. You've got to check out Vladislav Delay "entain" (if you haven't) if you are into ambient. I'd be interested in any stuff you might reccomend to me.
you might like Sismon Fischer Turner "Travelcard"
i think that this not a cd for casual listening or car listening. One really needs to do the whole audio geek thing with lites out and eyes shut. The first time i listened to this cd, i had to play it straght thru again to make sure it was that killer. I dont like their previous stuff at all. Kid A is it.
Kid A is great. But Nothing can beat ' KRAFTWERK'. The Man Machine. Trans european express. Computerworld. Electric cafe. and of course the Autobahn. Also try out the modern day wonders. The future sound of London's Lifeforms. Moby's Ambient. The KRAFTWELTS Electric dimension and Retroish
Ejlif-thanks for the info-I'll check those out. Also recommend Boards Of Canada on Warp records they had a single last year called A Beautiful Place In The Country -I've been searching for their only album from'98 called Music Has The Right To Children (Warp)-it's highly rated but I've not heard it.
Ben, funny I just read a review of Boards of Canada in Wire magazine, I circled it as one to get. email me sometime and maybe we can recomend some other stuff to each other. ejlif@sunset.net
Ben, you can buy A beautiful place in the country from cduniverse.com, I checked it out and they have it.
I second Delerium-Everyone I have turned on to this band loves them. Any of their work 1994 on. Also, a forth coming group Balligomingo sounds almost the same...Great hi fi sound and sensual/sexy/warm and fuzzy music to boot. So my wife says... And if you like bass and bloom a must have!
There's a Board's of Canada song "ROYGBIV" that will burrow into your head and just live there. Beautiful and damn catchy.
Running further off topic: I strongly recomend Plaid. I only have "Not For Threes", but it's great music with totaly audiophile grade production. It's one of the best sounding discs I've heard, and it really shows off what can be done with high quality production when all of the sound is hand crafted as oposed to reproducing an instrument.