Kickstarter for all analog "No Filter"

Hello everyone,

This is Jerome Sabbagh writing. I’ve been a member of this board and an audiophile for a while.

Three years ago, the support of board members here helped make a vinyl pressing of my album "The Turn" a reality. Well, I’m at it again: I recently recorded a new album, "No Filter", a project I co-lead with my old friend - and fantastic guitarist - Greg Tuohey. I am raising funds to press it on vinyl. It will be all analog.

Click here for Kickstarter link

Like "The Turn", this record was recorded live to two track 1/2 inch tape at 30 ips by James Farber at Sear Sound. It will be mastered and cut to vinyl directly from the tape by Bernie Grundman. CDs and 96/24 downloads will also be available.

We are trying to keep the vinyl affordable at $20 + shipping ($5 in the US). There are also fancier options (numbered copies, signed copies, test pressings, and even reference lacquer pressings and 1/4 inch reel to reel tapes!).

I am happy to answer any and all questions and hope you might consider supporting this. We are shooting for an October release.

Thank you!

Jerome Sabbagh
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Thanks for the heads up Jerome I am now a backer looking forward to hearing the album. Cheers and good luck!
Signed up for an LP.
Really love "The Turn" and can't wait for "No Filter" !  In for a signed LP!  


I wanted to let everyone know that we officially reached the goal on Kickstarter for "No Filter", which allows us to move forward. I am psyched and grateful for the support on this board and elsewhere. The vinyl pressing will definitely become a reality! I will keep you informed. The Kickstarter is still open for another 3 weeks or so. Thank you!

Jerome Sabbagh

I'm in the process of evaluating some test tracks from Bernie Grundman on one song. We're trying to pick the best one. I think they sound great and so far, it's "just" 96/24. I can't wait to hear how the vinyl turns up. The Kickstarter is still online for another two weeks. Thank you!

Jerome Sabbagh

Some of you have backed my new Kickstarter for an all analog pressing of "No Filter" and as a thank you for the support, I wanted to share a couple of preview tracks with you. They are streaming here:

Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman gave us a few options to choose from in the beginning and, after extensive listening, we ended up going with no EQ, which allowed us to bypass the mastering board for an even purer signal path.

For the vinyl, Bernie has cut a test lacquer of a song two ways, one on his solid state lathe and one on his tube lathe. We’re going to pick the one that sounds best to us to cut the vinyl directly from the tape.

I hope you will enjoy the music and consider supporting this project, if you haven’t done so already. There are 5 days left:

I have a master at 96/24 and if anyone here would like to hear the tracks at 96/24, please PM me and I will send a link.

Thank you!

Jerome Sabbagh

Update: we are definitely going with the tube lathe for the vinyl! While both versions of the test track sounded very good, the one made with the tube lathe sounds better tonally, more involving, more realistic. I can't wait to hear the whole record like this!

One day left on the Kickstarter ...


I wanted to keep everyone here updated. No Filter is out in all digital formats. Those of you who backed the Kickstarter for high res should have received the files. I hope you enjoy them! The album is available in 96/24 on HD Tracks and in 44.1/24 on Bandcamp.

As far as the vinyl, I've had to reject a couple of test pressings so the vinyl is late. I hope to have it in December. I'm actually getting a third round of test pressings in the mail today and I look forward to hearing them. I apologize for the delay. I'm trying my best to get this right and honor the confidence that backers on this board and elsewhere have put in me.


We had a couple of nice reviews, in Downbeat and Stereogum (scroll down past the middle of the page, there are a bunch of reviews).


Thank you to the members who supported this project! I welcome any and all feedback and I'm grateful for the support!


Jerome Sabbagh

Listened to the samples on the page. Good stuff. I hope you go with the tube lathe.
Did you use tape for the complete recording this time? Keep us updated. Is The Turn second pressing available?
Hey @saxman73,Thanks for today's post. Don't know how I missed this thread! Love my vinyl copy of The Turn, play it for guests all the time and turn them on to you.
Just tried the Kickstarter link to order No Filter vinyl and don't see a way to do so. Is it closed? Feel free to PM me or email me from your database. Cheers,
Spencer Bank 
PS : come play Austin!
@noromance: We did go with the tube lathe. It just seemed more alive to us. Yes, we used tape for the complete recording this time. We then assembled the songs on two reels and the vinyl was cut from those reels. We also tried solid state preamp versus tube preamp for the tape machine and we went with tube also, so it’s an all tube signal path at mastering. No EQ was used, which allowed us to bypass the mastering board at Bernie Grundman’s. That also sounded even better to us.

The second pressing of "The Turn" is available on my website: (right column)

Thank you!

Jerome Sabbagh
@sbank Thank you! I’m glad you like "The Turn". The Kickstarter is closed but you can preorder the vinyl for "No Filter" on my website: (right column). Also sent you a PM.

I’d love to play Austin some time!

Thanks for your support!

Jerome Sabbagh
Have listened to 3 of 4 sides on The Turn now.  

Love the music and how it was put to the vinyl.    Wonderful work beginning to end. 
@gibsonian: Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Jerome Sabbagh

I'm happy to report that I now have the vinyl for "No Filter". After having rejected 4 sets of test pressings, I am really pleased with the result. I finished mailing all copies that were bought already, whether through Kickstarter or not, this morning! I hope those of you who supported the project will enjoy the result! I am still selling the vinyl on my website if anyone else is interested. Thank you all so much for the support!


Jerome Sabbagh

Cool.  I never saw this thread before!
I bought The Turn on vinyl and really enjoyed it.  I'll check out No Filter.  Thanks!
Awesome. I will say that The Turn on vinyl is superbly produced, and has that "musicians playing in your livingroom" vibe to it . Killer musicianship too. I look forward to No Filter!

I've been asked a few times about the availability of the album on reel to reel. A few copies were indeed made at Bernie Grundman's studio, directly from the tape we recorded on, making the tape effectively a master tape (first generation with level adjustments). I can still make these but they were quite expensive, due to the cost of tape and of studio time at Bernie Grundman's.

As a result, I’m exploring a cheaper alternative. I could get a mastered 30 ips 1/2 inch copy of the original tape made at Bernie Grundman’s, and then make high quality copies of that elsewhere. I could then sell 1/4 inch copies of the record at 15 ips or 7.5 ips.

I’d have to have enough buyers to justify making the copy of the tape at Bernie Grundman’s in the first place, but if I get a few, this would be doable. I'm trying to see if there is enough demand to do this.

If anyone here has interest, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

Jerome Sabbagh
half track 1/4” IEC is probably the dominant format in the “ audiophile “ tape world..See The Tape Project for pointers. 

I.  will check out your site for Vinyl order.

Good on ya!!!!!

I would certainly be interested in a 15 ips IEC copy of the tape if it is made available.
Yes, that seems to be what people are into. All the 1/4 inch 15 ips copies I’ve sold have been IEC. I have also sold 1/4 inch 30 ips and even one 1/2 inch 30 its though!

Thanks for your interest! It looks like we are a go. I will PM you. Thanks!

Jerome Sabbagh

I just wanted to confirm that we are a go for the R2R tapes. If anyone wants in, please let me know. Thanks!

Jerome Sabbagh
@saxman73-  I the vinyl still available?   Couldn't find a link to it's offering.
@rodman99999 yes, it is: (right side column, both numbered limited edition and not numbered available)

Thanks for your interest!
@saxman73 - Thanks, Jerome! btw: Did I just pay extra for a number, or is that an upgraded/better pressing(ie: no compression/virgin vinyl/etc), besides getting a digital download?   $$ on the way!
@rodman99999 The numbered ones are the first 500 copies, but they are otherwise similar to the rest. The mastering, plating, etc is the same. Thanks for your support! Your record is packed and I’m mailing it today. I hope you will like the music and sound!
@saxman73 -  Got it!  Thanks for the update on my order.   Always happy to encourage & support fellow music lovers & makers.
FYI, here is a link to a new review in The Absolute Sound. The all analog vinyl is still available, as well as R2R, CD, streaming etc
I received my R2R copy a couple weeks ago. There is some very interesting and creative music on this recording and well executed. I have been away for a couple weeks and when I get back it's one of the first things I am going to listen to. I think I will get a vinyl copy too.