Khorus owners...which speaker cables?

I have Talon Khorus' and I'm very pleased with them. Very musical, dynamic, etc. I'm presently using AP Silver Oval speaker cables (along with Acoustic Zen Silver IC from my Bel Canto EVOs).
That said, I'm finding that I'd like better control in the midbass, and better extension/definition on top. Maybe it's the speaker (previously had Genesis V)but I was wondering about others' experience with speaker cables.
Ironically I know someone who also runs Khoruses with Evo monoblocks and was using AP cable. He upgraded to Acoustic Zen interconnects and liked them so much he went to shotgun bi-wire Satori cables and raves about them, so I guess he thought it was an improvement over the APs. I didn't hear his system with the AP, but with the AZ cables there was definitely no lack of top extension/detail or control. For what it's worth.

Since you did not mention price point I will share with you the speaker cables that we have used at shows or in the showroom with the Talon's that were very good.

The Nordost Vahalla are spectacular, the Synergistic Designer reference .5 at a more realistic price is very good
and the new Shunyata speaker cables used at the CES show this year are amazing. No price on the new Shunyata speaker cables yet they will be out very very soon I am waiting for a price any day now.
I'm driving a pair of Peregrines with an Electrocompaniet AW250 DMB. Between them is a pair of Stealth Silver Triple Wrapped. The results have been excellent. This was my first time with silver and was expecting a drop in lower frequency performance. There was none. If your budget is not so great, I would seriously consider Goertz Alpha Core cables. They've got some very good, very affordable cable and the expensive stuff as well. My time with the Veracity was a revelation in price/performance. I also agree with the post above about the Nordost. It's what Talon uses between the EC Nemo's and their speakers. Obviously, the results are stunning.

Let us know what direction you go in with this..........

Good luck!