KHorns in your Home Theater

Have you used or are you using Klipschorns in a 5.1 home theater setup?  Would like to hear your comments on this scenario.  Pros, cons, challenges to getting it right.
I had that for about 10 years, in the right room with corners its very dynamic.   i used a cornwall center and 2 heresys for the rears.
just out of a divorce setup, totally a man cave setup.

challenge to getting it right it tought, i never enjoyed 2 channel sound on the klipsh, even with 2a3c and 300b amps and tube pre amps etc, the horns are dynamic for theater but they are  not audiophile type speakers.

now same room has 7 much smaller matching legacy 2 way monitors and 4 18 subs and its much  better sounding and i can stand to listen to 2 channel on it.... same room, new wife. lol.   and it doesnt quite look so mancavish. .