Khartago and Stratos Amps - Sound Characteristics

Can anyone talk about the clarity and resolution of these amps?

I know they are highly regarded, but if they were matched up with very resolving and clear speakers would they fall short?

What does one get if you move up the upgrade path for these amps, both of which seem to have at least two available upgrades. Is it just more "oomph", or are there other changes as well?

You want the amp with the most upgrades, don't get the lower models, they are good, but the headroom/resolution is much better with the upgraded models. Stratos/kismet extreme is VERY GOOD!

 Kismet guts with some stratos extras, extra transformer, capacitors, etc etc, very nice, long as hell break in, but worth it. 

I pi have older basic stratos, and while they sound very nice, I am upgrading them to the kismet. 

I have had my Odyssey Stratos Extreme+++stereo amp since 2010.  I have upgraded the entire system but never felt the need to upgrade the Stratos amp.  These amps are basically clones of the Symphonic Line amps that Odyssey also imports.  My amp has the following upgrades from the basic Stratos:  two huge power transformers, Upgraded wiring, 180,000uf of caps, Symphonic Line branded caps, upgraded Groneberg Wiring, Kismet circuit board (black), upgraded parts.

I am very pleased with the amp.  This amp replaced a more expensive 175wpc Classe' model 15 amp which cost me 2999.95 in 1999.  Yup, the Odyssey amp is that good.  It was compared to a 80,000.00+  Solution amp and was stated that the Odyssey amp that sells for around 2,500.00 is 90% of the Solution.   Not too shabby.  I am powering a 5,000.00 pair of GE Triton Ones with the Odyssey Stratos and the sound is breathtaking.  Check out my systems, especially the reference system.

Resolution or transparency is what I’m looking for in a new amp. How are the Odysseys for that?

@stereo5, the wiring, caps, boards--- I don’t see these as options on the Odyssey website. Haven’t yet called them to inquire about the amps, but are these things that Klaus can still offer. Can you say what differences these items made?

Thanks all.

the website states there are "52 board modifications available"  Klaus can do whatever you want, and will work with you to figure it out...