Kharma versus Nirvana cables


Anyone has compared Nirvana (SX or SL) with Kharma (Grand Reference or Reference), interlinks and/or speakercable? I use Nirvana SX ic but have Kharma speaker.


I've heard the Kharma Grand Reference and Nirvana S-X Ltd. speaker cables, both in New York on Kharma Grand Ceramiques. I didn't hear them on the same systems, though, so please take my comments with a grain of salt. I thought the Grand Refs were quieter and more detailed, but there was a slowness and thickness to their sound that I didn't like at all. Their cost was also prohibitive. The Nirvanas struck me as much quicker and overall more musical. Depends on your taste, I guess. I also heard a specially terminated pair of the Grand Ref speaker cables in a state of the art system out here by me. Again, I thought they were a little on the slow side, but they were very quiet, which let a lot of inner detail pour forth.
Thanks Hooper for your reply. I'll have Nirvana SL speakercable today, but I can't compare in my system with Kharma speakercable... I have the opportunity to switch my Nirvana SX ic with Kharma Grand Reference ic, but I don't know if this is a wise thing to do...


If you own both the Grand Reference and Nirvana ICs, it certainly can't hurt to try both in your system and see which you prefer. If you don't, which is what I think you mean, I definitely wouldn't trade the Nirvanas for the Grand Refs sight unseen or unheard. As I said, they have radically different sounds, and you really need to hear both back to back to make an accurate judgement. Give a call to GTT Audio (I don't have the number handy, but they have a website) and see if they'll loan you a pair of Grand Ref speaker cables for audition. Good luck!