Kharma speakers. Anyone has them ?

In your listening room. What do you use them with? Your impressions?

Inna we recently tested the DB 9 which were lovely, a beautiful sounding speaker.

What I mean by beautiful the midrange was lush and full, a big sound stage, good depth. and very tight although not super deep bass.

We ultimately choose the Persona 9H over the Kharmas as the Personas had deeper low bass, greater dynamics and more tranparency as well as an overall larger sound stage and greater efficiency. 

With that being said we would have loved to be able to have both of these lines, but was unable to pull off the deal with the importer. 

Overall a very enticing sounding. 

Audio Doctor NJ

Kharma/Lamm combination is widely accepted as one of the very best, or Kharma/Wavac. Hell, you can even hear on youtube it is something very special. Not only their top of the line model but couple of steps down too.
Using the Kharma Ceramique Center (CeCt-1.0) and Kharma CeSb1.0 Sub for 2 Channel and Surround Sound system. The Kharma's mate perfectly/seemlessly with Avalon Indra's.  I have tried higher end B&W Centers and Subs and landed on Kharma....very pleased.
Had Kharma mini exquisites and they were superlative. However one ceramic mid bass driver shattered and my confidence was crushed as well. Customer service was excellent but I moved out of ceramic driver speakers. I do think that the brand is very special and if a pair came up for sale my palms would get a little sweaty.