Kharma's with a non Kharma sub...?

I have often heard and read that kharma's are so fast and defined that its impossible to mate them with any sub but kharma's own.

Has any one of you had success mating kharmas with other brands of sub? REL, JL, Eclipse....

Im of course thinking to marry my 3.2's with lo-freqs in the near future...
Try Wilson Benesch infrasonic generators...these are fast enough to mate with Apogee Divas!!
I use them now with KHARMA 1D-DE'S TO GREAT EFFECT.
Comes with it's own amplification etc.

More expensive but in a class by itself!
Did you ever compared them to the Kharma offer?
To be honest, I was looking for a cheaper alternative sub than the 10,000 euro offer from kharma, but now im curious...
Any one else has had experience with subs and kharmas?
sorry for the delay!
yes i have tried them against the Kharmas and as i posted i now use the Benesch...enough said hey? :)
go try one !