Kharma Reference Monitors

I just got a pair of Kharma Reference Monitors this weekend and felt that I had to write my comments. In the time that I have been an audiophile, I have had only a few components that at their time made me feel they were the best by far: Audio Logic DAC, Magnepan speakers, CJ Art, Illuminati Orchid and now the Kharma Reference Monitors.

The Kharma's replace a pair of Wilson WP 6.0 in an 18'x15' room. The associated equipment is Levinson 31 --> Audio Logic DAC --> Bat VK50SE --> Lamm ML1 --> KRM 3.2.

These speakers produce such a smooth musical sound that seems to fill the room as if they were the size of Pipes or Maggies. The top end is as good, if not better than the 3.6's I used to own. The bass is very articulate and tight. It's not quite as powerful as the WP6.0 in my room, but much more musical. The soundstage/disappearing act these speakers have is unparalleled in my experience. Invisible like the Vergos and able to place instruments like the Eidelons or Pipes. But the most amazing thing is how musical they sound. Their speed combined with their accurate reproduction of tonal character is the closest thing to real instruments I have heard. These things really are something special.

Now I feel that I need to upgrade the rest of my system, maybe an Audio Aero source or Lamm ML2 amps or new cables but definitely not new speakers for a while.
Perhaps you have read the review on these loudspeakers in TAS Issue 140 for some suggestions on possible ancillary equipment to use with these. Also, perhaps, you should consider the Meridian Models 800/861 Reference digital combo to round out your State-Of-The-Art system. (It appears you have the wherewithall to afford this kind of gear). If you do, please provide us with a review.
I can strongly recommend the audio aero Capitole mkII player with your system and perhaps some Jena Labs cables, and if you decide to sell a kidney the highly coveted Tenor 75wI amps would make you happy for nearly an eternity perhaps longer....
I'm not sure if it is OK to suggest this, but you will save a good 40-50% off the price of the Kharma CRMs relative to the US MSRP if you purchase in Europe and bring them back as a tourist.
Be warned. By purchasing the speakers overseas and shipping them to the U.S. you run the risk of the U.S distributor not having to provide support in the event you have a problem. That could mean you would have to ship the speaker back to Europe if you had a problem. This could offset the savings.

As an Audio Logic fan, I wouldn't be too quick to replace that unit--see my review on the upgrades to the unit Jerry Ozment is doing involving transformer coupling, a $660 upgrade that, as each day goes by, is sounding better and better to me. Now I see what the people touting the more pricey Audio Note DACS were talking about. You might also check out the Lamm ML1.1s (only if you have an older pair of the ML1s; my understanding is that many of the internal changes in the new version were incorporated in the later production runs of the ML1s)), if you need more power than the ML2s can give you, as they sound just about as good to my ears.
Thanks for the feedback. Rcprince, great review of the Audio Logic upgrade. I'm going to call Jerry about it. I am also borrowing a Capitole this weekend, so we'll see how they compare. I do have a later run of ML1's that Vladimir says are close to the ML1.1's. I agree they are close to the ML2s.
I know what you're saying re the 3.2's, I owned them and they are truly extraordinary. You are in for one happy ride. If you've not heard the Tenor OTL's driving the 3.2's, I strongly suggest you do so. As good as the Lamms are, and they are, the Tenor/3.2 synergy is pretty special and, in my experience, better than what you're now hearing. And it's not subtle. And if you're going hog-wild as far as front ends go, audition the new Meitner DAC6 with modified Phillips SACD 1000 as a transport. Peerless. Good luck and have fun.
You had 3.2s...did you find something better? I'm very curious....
I think Mes moved on up in the kharma line and is now enjoying a fully loaded pair of Midi Grand's :) though I could be mistaken.

Two words of advise.

Do not “update” your speaker to “higher” Kharma molders. The “higher” Kharma molders are very poor. The KRM 3.2 are accidentally very successful model.

Do not “update” your Lamm ML1 to Lamm ML2. With all Lamm ML2 beauty those 18W SETs are not the appropriate electronics to dive the sub 97-98 dB sensitive 4-ohmers.

Romy the Cat
I'm going to a bigger room and did indeed move to the Grand Ceramique Midi's, which are essentially the 3.2's with an 11" woofer. They work better in a bigger room, same sonic signature with a tad more ease of presentation. If the 3.2's fill your room, stick with them, you'll find nothing better. I equivicated for a long while, I was very, very happy with the 3.2's. But in a larger room, the midi's seem to work better- for me. What you hear is no "accident", they are the real deal. Two words of advice: Ignore Romy. And stay from molders. And Sculley for that matter.
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