Kharma owners, I have a question

I have purchased a pair of Kharma Ceramique 1.0 which should be here on Tuesday. I down loaded an owners manual from the website which must have been written by a non English speaker author.

My question is regarding good setup for the speakers. What has worked best for you?

FWIW my room is about 14'w x 25'l x 6'-9'h. The listening chair is in the center of the room 7' from the side walls and about 12'-6" from the front wall. The equipment rack is on the left wall beside the listening chair. The amp is between the two speakers on a small stand. To the right of the listening chair are a set of stairs going up to the first floor. The stairs are open.

I hope this gives a little understanding of what I have to work with in regard to setup. I hope to get a good idea of where to start, as I realize I will have to fine tune any recommendation. Any help you might offer would be appreciated!

Pictures can be seen by clicking on the "my system" choice below.
I also owm the 1.0 Kharmas and found my set up in a 24x24 ft
cath. ceiling room that these Kharmas like room. I found aprox.6-7' from wall with speakers spread apart same distance ( 7 - 8ft tweeter to tweeter ) and listening distance that same 7 ft away.Start out with that and adjust as needed. Too close to the wall ,will sacrifice that gorgeous midrange you paid dearly for.
Nrchy: I own the new CE 2.2 with the optional stands, and according the manuals and my own experience, I find that an equilateral triangular space works best without toeing in the speakers. So if your speakers are 7-ft apart, your listening position should be somewhere between 7 to 8-ft away from the speakers. Distance to the wall behind speakers should be about 3 - 4 ft. Ideally the side walls should also be equidistance away but that is not the case for me. My space is a living room with an open kitchen & island. The room size is 20.5-deep by 35-wide by 10.5-high ceilings. The kitchen is at one corner & takes up a quarter of the entire space. It's not ideal but those are my circumstances at the moment.

Congratulation on your Kharma's - I love the kharmas for its musicality but also for its aesthetics which unfortunately is not one of natural talents of high-end speaker designers.