Kharma Mini or Avalon Eidolon diamond

This is a poll to know which speaker will you prefer, in relation to the quality of sound, RESALE value, easy to de drived by not high power amps and expensives.... , also which will be yours alternatives to these two models in the same league of price? Thanks

You picked two fine speakers and to be honest i feel the most critical factor in determining which one would be right for you would totally be a room issue. If you are considering the Avalon Acousics Eidolon Diamond then the Kharma ceramique 1.1 with Enigma upgrade would probably be the Kharmas you would compare the Eidolon Diamond to. The Kharma's tend to be a tad more bass shy than the Avalon's. The Avalon's offer full range sound, but do not play as loud. The Kharmas work well with tubed units and the Avalons tend to like a lot more power. As far as resale value goes it is hard to compare. I have not seen many Kharma 1.1's for sale. The Eidolon Diamonds used prices seem to be a little above 20K. I have seen the Kharma Exquisite 1D go for 33K and the little 3.2 go for 9K. Overall by these price comparisons and the time in which each speaker is available in the used market makes me think that the Avalon's are the better speaker for resale value. They, Avalons, tend to sell faster and at a bit higher price.

hope this helps,

The room is always the issue.
if you do not impliment professional measuring and apply acoustic room treatment, you will throw away lots of dollars and never reach full potential be it Kharma or Avalon or any speaker
Kharma can be driven with almost any tube amplifier they are easy load and so have a broad range in amplifier choice.
When i compare the Kharma 3,2FE to the Avalon Opus Ceramique the choice for me is an easy one: Kharma.
I have experienced Avalon speakers on many occasions and it always turns out that when partnered with Spectral amps they finally do shine.
Avalon uses a very complicated crossover with many parts and Kharma does the opposite.
And that's what you will notice when reviewing amps to partner for instance the Avalon Eidolon.
furthermore Avalon has a strong tendency to throw the soundstage behind the speakers and does this with any music you pick. even close miked recordings sound like coming from another room (somewhat exaggerated here) but personally i do not appreciate this 'effect'.
When it all trickles down both Avalon and Kharma are topclass performers but Avalon does not touch move and inspire like Kharma.
Kharma touches the heart. Avalon makes you think about it.

Very interesting. I had a pair of avalon Eidolon's and found the opposite to be true. The speakers presented a near holographic soundstage. Sounds came from beside and almost behind me.
Interesting, but the best match I have found for my Eidolons so far was a 2x300B based 16W SET amp. And I have tried many (10+) "conventional" amps in the 20k range.
Toboo: interesting comment about the Opus vs. the 3.2. I found the Kharmas a bit bass shy and I have to follow Chucks comment: the Avalons present a much more holographic soundstage than the Kharmas. Detail retrieval is on par but the base line of the Opus is better as well as the ability to pin point.
Which cables and front end did you use during your comparison ?
I only have heard the Symbol, but now way the sound is behind the speakers.
With some cd, its like you`re listening surround.
Forget the Symbol´s - they´re crap. Avalon in my Opinion starts with Opus Ceramique.
Opus and Opus Ceramique are just replace with new Indra.
And new Ascendant2 is excellent little speaker IMHO...
I have listened to both of these speakers and although the Kharma has a very inviting midrange that can make listening enjoying for a long time, the diamonds are truly amazing speakers that I have yet to hear bettered. The diamonds can reach deep and extend way up top where most would never dare go. The midrange is still there, still beatiful, but complimented by a full range that really makes listening to CDs of all types fun. The depth and realism of the soundstage is near perfect. Of course like any speaker, the right source and other components make a big difference. I could live with a pair of diamonds forever :)

I know several people who own the Symbol and they are very happy with them.

On a audioclubmeeting wth about 20 persons, a setup wth Ayre/NBS and Symbol amazed the crowd.
If you can read dutch , here is the link .

ps. Did you ever heard the Symbols??
Ctchen: yes I can a bit as I´m half dutch. I´ve listened to the Avalon line very extensively when I was in the market for new speakers. I know about their qualities and their shortcomings. I know of two people who use Ayre CX-7e + Series 5 amplification and they were quite happy until they´ve listened to my Opus Ceramique which are miles a head. One of them bought recently my Opus C, the other one upgraded to Ayon Audio as i did myself. Thats audio life. Once you hear sth. better you´re on the upgrade path.
Ctchen: forget to add: best value in speakers is Ayon Falcon S followed by Magnepan MG 3.6 R.
You both guys should listen to the new Symbols, with the new ceramic tweeter. It is miles better than the Focal one (pictured in the link you send) and makes for a much better speaker overall, IMO.
Hi Frank,

nice to hear you have Dutch blood in your veins :-)!
I know that the bigger Avalons are better than the Symbols , would love to own the Opus or Eidolon ,one day...
Read about the Ayon but never heard it, will keep it in my mind.

Best Regards from Holland
Ctchen: give the Ayon Falcon S (€ 14.000,-) with very good tube amplification a listen. And then listen to Avalon Eidolon Vision (€ 25.000,-) with any electronics. You´ll never ever think about Avalon again. I swear it ;)
Avalon builds good speakers but MUCH to expensive (at least in Europe).
Can´t coment on the new Kharma Mini Exquisites although I know they are very well build and very nice to look at and their reputation is good although with € 30.000,- very expensive.
I know exactly where you are at, and commend you for seeking the highest level of enjoyment from the current rig you now own.I also am Half Dutch ( dad immigrated to Canada in 1961 ) and half Indian to boot!I like to get the best sound possible after I have spent my hard earned money( Dire Straits Money for Nothing XRCD is amazing!!)Hope this helps Dennis